If your dream is to build your own theme park, then this new game title may fulfill your wish.

Pixol, the developer of Wonder Park Magic Rides, revealed that the game is inspired by the Wonder Park movie. Especially, Wonder Park Magic Rides is releasing today! Once you play the game, you will find out that it is just as your expectation. It is a massive tycoon kind of game that allows you to create and organize your own theme park. Everything is as if you are in a movie.

1 CopyYou will build your dream theme park in this game

There are numerous rides for players to enjoy the game. For example, spinning rides, roller coasters, as well as flying car rides and Ferris wheels are available. As everything in the game is yours, you can decide these features after your taste and hobbies. Moreover, you can interact and communicate with two Wonder Park Magic Rides characters named Boomer and June.

In Wonder Park Magic Rides, your task is to satisfy every customer who comes to your park to play and relax. Sometimes it is not an easy mission as you need to care about a lot of things in order to make them happy. You will need to construct, collect and trade different items, all to satisfy your customers so that they may pay you a second visit.

2 CopyYou will need to trade items to enhance your park

One special element of Wonder Park Magic Rides is the mischievous Chimpanzombies. Their task is to wipe out every attraction available in your park. As a result, besides building and managing your park, you also have to keep eyes on them while at the same time collecting your favorite Wonder Chimps.

Keeping up with playing, leveling up and maintain your customer’s satisfaction is everything you need to do in Wonder Park Magic Rides. You may think it is not too difficult to complete these missions. However, Chimpanzombies the destroyers would make you re-think.

3You need to satisfy visitors so that they will pay you a second visit

The game is now accessible on both iOS and Android. Let’s build up your imaginative theme park now!