Mobile clones of popular games are often looked down upon by gamers, and for good reasons. However, oftentimes the gameplay formula at their core is actually pretty fun (That is why it is worth cloning in the first place). Sometimes people just don’t like the way that formula is portrayed. Maybe the theme, the art style, the visual effects just aren’t their cup of tea. With the right presentation, these so-called “clones” can get many hooked. For example, there are quite a few people who dislike the generic setting of Game of War, but love Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which is simply another free-to-play base building game, just with Final Fantasy theme.

Game Of War Objective
Many people don't like the fantasy setting of Game of War

Similarly, maybe you are not a fan of the cartoony art style of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, and that’s completely fine. But Clash Royale has constantly ranked highly on the charts of mobile app stores for a reason: The casual strategy style where you simply use simple drags and drops to control everything works very well on the mobile platform.

Now, of course you don’t have to play a game you don’t find appealing just because others think it is good. However, if the art style is the sole reason deterring you from playing Clash Royale or other similar games, then here’s another option you might want to consider: Road to Valor: World War II, released on both Android and iOS just this week. It has everything you would expect from a mobile strategy game. You will be developing your base and recruiting several types of units to destroy your opponent’s headquarter. Winning a match will reward you with loot and Rank Points, which can be used to unlock more units.

Road To Valor 2

This time around, however, you will be able to side with either the Axis or the Allied forces and control all kinds of WWII-themed missiles, tanks, soldiers, and more. Everything was surprisingly well done. You will feel like a true commander on an actual battlefield. Check out Road to Valor: World War II trailer below:

If you are into strategy games and also like the realistic themes of shooter games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, or Battlefield, you will probably feel right at home with Road to Valor: World War II.