The first season of Call of Duty: Mobile is coming to an end with massive success. With frequent gameplay and new content updates such as time-limited Multiplayer modes, a new class,... the game got 148 million downloads in the very first month.

According to the official Call of Duty: Mobile Community Update post on Reddit, Season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile will be coming next week on November 25 with more new content and a new Battle Pass. However, Call of Duty: Mobile hasn't got any move to promote Season 2 on their official social media channel yet. Fortunately, a user named "TunerX534" has just leaked Battle Pass Season 2 Trailer on Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit, showing exclusive rewards that we are going to get.

Alex 8d75_wm
Alex Mason is going to be the next character in Call of Duty: Mobile after Ghost

Particularly, the short trailer shows us that we will be able to get an Alaska Backpack, an Alaska Sticky Grenade, M4 - CQB, and Alex Mason skin as exclusive rewards in Battle Pass Season 2.

In recent posts on Call of Duty: Mobile official Twitter channel, they also tease us a new multiplayer snow map called Summit and a new Zombie mode. The Zombie mode will come on 22 November before Season 2 begins. There will be 5 game modes in the new Zombie mode: Story, Challenge, Strikes, Raids, and Survival.

Z121 57bb_wm
Zombie mode is coming on November 22

Further leaked information about Season 2 on YouTube shows that Battle Royale mode will have a new class called Trickster. Trickster's active ability allows him to create 2 holographic images of himself to confuse enemies while his passive ability allows him to hear footsteps farther away than normal.

Call Of Duty Mobile Trickster Class Update Codm Pr E2bc_wm
Season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile will introduce a new class to the Battle Royale mode called Trickster

Stay tuned and we will update you with the latest information about Call of Duty: Mobile as soon as possible.