Ever since the release of Call of Duty: Mobile last month, the game has been one of the most popular shooter games on the market with its classic Multiplayer mode and the trending Battle Royale mode. During the last few weeks, several time-limited Multiplayer modes such as Gun Game and Rocket Only were released to keep players entertained. But they are about to release something even bigger this time.

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The new Zombie mode is still greyed out in Call of Duty: Mobile right now

Recently, the official Twitter of Call of Duty: Mobile announced that the game is going to have another mode. But it is not going to be another just a time-limited Multiplayer mode. It is going to be a Zombie mode, a game mode beside Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Cod Zombie
Call of Duty: Mobile official Twitter announced a new Zombie mode is coming

According to leak information on YouTube, this Zombie mode will have a story with 9 different stages for you to complete. You will have a boss fight every 3 stages. The Zombie mode was actually implemented in an Alpha test of Call of Duty: Mobile a year ago, but it was later removed. Maybe the developer wanted to focus on perfecting the Multiplayer mode and the Battle Royale mode first before rolling out the Zombie mode.

The new modes will come with many unique features of Call of Duty

Some data miners also found out that there will be 4 other game modes in Zombie mode apart from story mode. Those are Challenge, Strikes, Raids, and Survival. They also found out that you can upgrade your weapon in the Zombie mode lobby and there is an abilities chart available.

Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Is Here New Cod Mobile
This new Zombie mode will be a story mode with 9 stages

The release date of this mode for Call of Duty: Mobile still remains unknown. But at least, according to the community update list of Call of Duty: Mobile, we know that this mode won't come within this week.