Call of Duty: Mobile Grenandes are divided into two categories: Lethal grenades and Call of Duty Mobile Tactical grenades. In this post, let give you a deeper insight into these two type of grenades.

1. Call of Duty Mobile Grenades: Lethal

Frag Grenade

You can unlock Frag Grenade at level 2. It is the first grenade that you can access in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is pretty basic, you throw it and it will explode and deal AOE damage after a few seconds. You can minimize this delay by cooking the grenade for a few seconds first then throw. Frag Grenade is a great tool to clear rooms, conners, and choke points.

cod mobile grenades
Frag Grenade will help you kill campers easily

Sticky Grenade

The Sticky Grenade is the same as Frag Grenade apart from that it will stick to any surface instead of bouncing off. Note that it can also stick on the body of your teammates or enemies. However, you cannot cook this COD Mobile grenade. It will only explode after you throw it. You can unlock Sticky Grenade at level 17.

how to use grenades in call of duty mobile
Sticky Grande will stick to any surface

Trip Mine

Trip Mine does not explode when you throw it. Instead, it will stick to the wall, ground and explode when an enemy walks by. It is most useful at places where enemies cross by frequently. Place it behind conners or doors so they can't see it until it is too late. Your Trip Mine will have a blue color while enemies' Trip Mine will have a red color so be aware. Trip Mine will be unlocked once you reach level 36.

how to throw grenade in call of duty mobile
Trip Mine will explode when an enemy passes by

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2. Call of Duty Mobile Tactical Grenades


Flashbang is the first COD Mobile tactical grenade you will get. It doesn't kill but it will bind and deafen your enemies so you can easily take them down. But it has one major downside. Experienced players can notice it and just turn away from it. None the less, it is still an effective tool to rush into rooms and enclosed areas. You can unlock Flashbang at level 9.

cod mobile tactical grenade
Flashbang can blind and deafen enemies

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade is the perfect device to prevent a push or counter snipers. It also conceals your movement so you can flank your enemies from a different angle. In Battle Royale mode, it can act as a temporary wall so you can get into the circle, save your knocked teammates, or hide. Smoke Grenade is a classic type of grenade in every shooter game so you would always need to learn how and when to use it. You can unlock Snoke Grenade at level 25.

cod mobile tactical grenade
Smoke Granade will protect you from snipers

Concussion Grenade

Concussion Grenade works the same way as Flashbang, but it doesn't blind or deafen your enemies. Instead, it will slow their movement speed down considerably but they can still do everything else just fine. In other words, it is pretty useless. If you really want to make use of it, go with your team and use it with other weapons such as Frag Grenade. Concussion Grenade is available at level 42.

cod mobile tactical grenade
This weapon will slow down movement speed considerably

EMP Grenade COD Mobile

Call of duty mobile EMP grenade will disable your enemies' electronics. This includes automated systems such as drones, turrets, sentry guns, Trophy System. Affected enemies will also have their HUD, minimap, crosshair, buttons disappeared. Note that they can still shoot and aim if they know the position of those buttons. EMP is unlocked at level 49.

call of duty mobile emp grenade
EMp will disable electronic functions

Trophy System

The last Call of Duty Mobile Grenade in this list is Trophy System, which is a defensive device that will destroy incoming explosive projectiles in an area such as grenades, Hunter Killer Drone, SMRS, or even missiles. It can destroy 2 objects before it disappears. You can also pick it up and move it to another position after deploying. It is useful when you are trying to capture an area in Domination Mode or when you want to defend your spot while playing as a sniper. Trophy System will be unlocked at level 58.

cod mobile tactical grenade
Trophy System will protect you from incoming explosives