Call of Duty: Mobile is the latest contender to enter the Battle Royale scene. Released by Activision and Garena on October 1st, 2019, the title quickly harness massive success with over 25 crore downloads as of June 2020. And like its counterparts, skins have become a major contributor to COD Mobile’s appeal. However, they do not come for free as you have to pay CP to get some of the game’s exclusive skins. Yet, there are still other ways around it that do not draw money from your pocket.

cod mobile free skin join fight
Join the fight in Call of Duty: Mobile now!


How to Obtain Free Skins in COD Mobile

#1 Daily Checkin Event

Call of Duty: Mobile has a daily check-in event system that rewards players based on the number of days they join the game. The rewards vary from consumables, currencies, and of course, skins. You can acquire free items just by logging in regularly. Remember that in order to unlock all the rewards, you must log in at least 27 days in a month (consecutive log-in not required)

cod mobile free skin checkin
Check-in for 27 days a month to get all the rewards and skins

#2 Events

There are tons of events frequently added by the publishers in Call of Duty: Mobile. For each event, players must complete certain tasks and missions for a chance to get exclusive rewards. On the current Season 8 of the game, there are numerous events for you to join. The featured “Solstice Awakened” event is up and running. You are tasked to collect an array of exchangeable items, which can later be redeemed for rewards. 

cod mobile free skin seasonal event
Don't miss the seasonal events

#3 Ranked Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile does house its own rank mode like any other BR game on the market. To encourage players to enhance their skills and rankings, the game offer them rewards for climbing up the tiers. The higher your rank, the better the quality. In Season 8, you can obtain the Wrecked skin for Tank Dempsey and Reaper skin for Kreuger among a plethora of others’. 

cod mobile free skin rank
And remember to grind for higher rankings