This is the last week for Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile. The current season is definitely one of the most popular – if not the most popular Call of Duty Season ever released, with multiple additions of popular new maps such as Gulag and Tunisia. New fabulous gun skins and exciting weapons like Chopper also played a big part.

call of duty mobile season 8 release date
Call of duty mobile season 8 release date is coming soon

In this article, we would list out some of the most exciting features that are going to be included in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8.

1 – Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Release Date

With the announcement from the official Twitter Handle yesterday that this is going to be the last week of the season, it is pretty obvious that a massive reveal will take place at the end of the week. Additionally, all other Call of Duty Mobile Events are also going to end on July 11 as well.

call of duty mobile season 8 download
Call of duty mobile season 8 download: official announcement tweet from Call of Duty Mobile

The final nail in the coffin’s Garena’s confirmation about a big event happening on July 11, 2020. Hence, the next season of Call of Duty Mobile will go live on July 11, with its accompanying Battle Pass release the next day, July 12.

2 – Theme of COD Mobile Season 8

Currently, there has not been much revealed about the exact theme of the eighth season, however, we got a confirmation about its general vibe being “military-based”. The name of the season might be "Apocalypse Day".

call of duty mobile season 8 leaks
Call of duty mobile season 8 leaks reveal Makarov, a classic MW villain, might be included in "Apocalypse Day"

According to various rumors and leaks, the theme of the next season is going to be “Air Force”. High Rise map’s addition is a dead giveaway, as the map is built on top of a skyscraper featuring various Airforce Military Vehicles.

3 – A new map called “High Rise”

High Rise is a multiplayer map that was previously part of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and CoD Online. The map is moderately sized, featuring a skyscraper which was in construction, along with two office buildings, each on one side of the map. On the center of the battle zone is an elevated helipad.

call of duty mobile season 8 release date
Call of duty mobile season 8 release date: Highrise map in MW2

The majority of the combat in High Rise is at short to medium range, around the areas of the office buildings and construction equipment. SMGs and Shotguns are outstanding in these areas, but Assault Rifle is more versatile for the occasionally medium to long-range fights in the open. There are also sniping spots on the map, with various vantage points that look over nearly every part of the map. High Rise is amongst the top fan-favorite map in MW2.

call of duty mobile season 8 download
Call of duty mobile season 8 download: The Highrise map in the previous test version

The unique feature in this map is its multi-tiered design. Both offices are connected to a tunnel underneath, which has a lot of connecting points leading upstairs. Next to the cranes, there is also an elevator shaft and a ladder, covering up a climbable ledge that can serve as a good hiding spot. The roof on the south block is the sniper vantage point in which players can see across the map – however, they have to be careful, as a lot of players are aiming for the exact location. The top of the crane on the west side can serve the same purpose as well.

From that crane, players can get to the ledge on top of North Tower office. This would require a lot of climbing and dropping of course – with phone control, it might be pretty dangerous, as a slip would cause you to tumble down onto the ground.

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4 – A brand new Operator Skill named “Takeo’s Katana”

Previously believed to be part of season 7, however, it was delayed to season 8. This operator skill would switch your PoV from FPP to TPP in order to give you an easier time in melee combat. Similar to the Annihilator Operator skill, Takeo’s Katana is also going to have aim assist – you won’t have to worry about missing attacks.

call of duty mobile season 8 skins
Call of duty mobile season 8 skins: Not sure if this weapon would make any impact at all

Additionally, when the Katana operator skill is active, your crouch button would become “rolling” and your movement speed would be increased slightly. This is probably a clutch so that melee combat would be more useful in a game filled with guns. Remember to abuse the roll function to dodge enemy attacks.

5 – 1 new perk in each tree

These are also delayed contents from season 7 – these 3 new perks would provide players with even more tactical options for combat.

call of duty mobile season 8 beta
Call of duty mobile season 8 beta: This perk is pretty much overpowered
  • Overkill (Red): Allows players to carry 2 primary weapons. This is pretty overpowered, as a combination of a sniper rifle and an AR would be super lethal.
  • Quick Fix (Green): This perk would give players health regeneration when they capture objectives or kill enemies.
  • Shrapnel (Blue): This perk would allow players to carry one extra lethal equipment piece. Furthermore, it also causes explosive damage to delay enemies' healing.

6 – Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Download

Currently, the Test Server for season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile is not available yet - it would be soon in the next 3 days.

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