The new era for Call of Duty Mobile has begun, with 2021's yearly reboot of Season 1: New Order. The season 1 update of the game has brought in a lot of new interesting content along with the seasonal battle pass... and after 2 months, it is finally about to end.

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Season 2 is going to be just as good - in this article, we would list out the two biggest additions in the next season of Call of Duty Mobile, scheduled for release in early March.

1 - New Shoothouse map

This is a multiplayer map that was featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map is tiny and full of close-quarters engagements. It’s perfect for an SMG or shotgun but also has some sightlines for a sniper to have a field day. Shoothouse was extremely well-received, and it’s considered one of the better maps in Modern Warfare.

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The map has already arrived a few months back in the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile... and would finally hit the Global version in the next update.

About Shoothouse's layout

Shoothouse is a classic three-lane map. Each team would start at their own gate, Alpha and Bravo. The central lane of the map (including the Main Street and the Underpass) is made for long-range engagements... with decent vantage points. The other two lanes (containers, junkyard) are more of a close-quarter combat zone, with a decent amount of covers spread around.

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2 - New AS Val Assault Rifle

When it was released in Modern Warfare and Warzone, the AS Val quickly found its way into the arsenal of many streamers and top-tier players. It is a top-tier Assault Rifle that's strong in all ranges - with a powerful balance of speed and stopping power that allows it to compete with other ARs and even SMGs.

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