Activision has just revealed a brand new extra mode for the BR map of Call of Duty Mobile called 'Blitz'. It would be released during 2021's 'Season One' update. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new mode.

1 - About the new 'Blitz' BR mode

This is more or less the 'lite' version of the usual BR, with the blue zone shrunk down to just a small part of the map right from the start. Players would have to land on this smaller area, scout for supplies and take out enemies as usual. This is probably an attempt to boost the popularity of the mode, as there aren't many players finding matches in BR of CoD Mobile.

The player count of the map is reduced from 100 to just 40 - you would land on this smaller zone, loot and fight right away without having to spend time walking around. The safe zone would also shrink much faster than normal, leads to matches being much shorter and fast-paced... comparable to a deathmatch match but without the respawn part.

2 - Improved Zombie Mode Returns

Other than Blitz, another fan-favorite mode is also getting added back into the game with multiple improvements: Attack of the Undead 2.0. This is an improved version of the mode that was added to the game a year ago.

Codm Zombies 02

In this mode, 20 players would land on a map and one would turn into a Zombie, attacking the other 19. Each kill would turn a player into a zombie... When the timer runs out, if there is at least one human survive, the human team would win. Zombies have increased HP and movement speed but can only use melee attacks while the human side can use guns.


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