Call of Duty's Season 14 is almost here... and with the beta testing build being available, data miners have leaked some parts of the new update onto the internet. In this article, we would list out everything available to date -  two new modes, several seasonal events, two new guns, and some other bundles.

Furthermore, Activision would reset the season count to 1 - from now on, the season count would probably be reset every time the new year hit.

New mode: Attack of the Undead

Activision is bringing back the infamous Zombie mode with this new patch. In this mode, 20 players would land on a map and one would turn into a Zombie, attacking the other 19. Each kill would turn a player into a zombie... When the timer runs out, if there is at least one human survive, the human team would win. Zombies have increased HP and movement speed but can only use melee attacks while the human side can use guns.

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New mode: 3vs3 Gunfight

This is a special version of the normal Gunfight mode, which is only 2vs2. In 3vs3 gunfight, there would be a total of 6 rounds and each would have its own designated weapon. The first team who manages to get 4 rounds would be the winner.

Call Of Duty Gunfight

Operator Skill: Gravity Vortex

A new Operator Skill named Gravity Vortex would be added to the game in the form of a ballistic launcher. The shell would create a black hole that pulls enemies toward the area then explode. Overall, this is super powerful as enemies would have no chance to escape.

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Two new Guns: SKS and FAMAS

People were expecting more LMGs to be added to the game... but Activision decided to add a DMR and an Assault Rifle instead. The statistics of these 2 guns would be released when the update hit.


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