The weapon roster is probably the most important factor in all video game shooters... and Call of Duty Mobile is not an exception. The game features an impressive arsenal of over 30 guns, with more getting added every patch.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

5 - Fennec

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Fennec is a new SMG that was added to the game in the previous season... and it is currently the second best SMG in the class. While it has fairly low damage and poor accuracy, along with somewhat bad range and control, the high fire rate (111) and mobility (88) more than made up for it. The gun's output gets even stronger if you equip the Akimbo perk - enabling it to become the strongest weapon in close combat.

4 - RUS-79U

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The Rus-79U is another great weapon from the SMG class - it comes equipped with 51 accuracy, 43 damage, 77 fire rate and 73 mobility. While it is not as good as the Fennec in the hand of an experienced player, the Rus-79U is overall much easier to use... as its stats are much more balanced.

3 - ASM10

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This is pretty much the most popular weapon in the Assault Rifle category amongst players. It has a decent 49 damage... with a whopping 72 accuracy at 52 range. Combine this with the 52 control stat and 55 fire rate,  you would get an accurate weapon at long range... with decently high DPS. This is pretty much the M4A1 of COD Mobile.

2 - DR-H

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While it is not as popular as the ASM 10, the DR-H is actually the best weapon in the AR class. The weapon has an accuracy of 63 and a control of 57, along with a good damage rate of 47. Combine those with 54 range and minimal recoil build-up, the DR-H is pretty much the perfect long-range AR.

1 - NA-45

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Overall, the NA-45 is the best Sniper Rifle in the game, with a whopping 93 damage and 70 control stat. While its other stats are about the same as the usual sniper rifles, the low recoil make it way better in scoring consecutive hits. This is something sniper players always struggled to accomplish.

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