Call of Duty Mobile has done a pretty good job in replacing PUBG Mobile in the Indian market, with a lot of PUBG Mobile players migrated after the ban. There are a lot of differences between the two games... and Scorestreaks might be the biggest one yet.

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In this article, we would list out the 5 most powerful scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile 2021. These killstreaks are essentially a "win more" type of weapon - players who are ahead would be able to get even further beyond.

1 - MQ-27 Dragonfire

Points needed: 750

Mq 27 Dragonfire Cod Mobile Guide

This scorestreak creates a drone that can detect and eliminate enemies – it has only three explosive darts, however. The darts would reveal enemies’ location on the minimap to all your teammate – you should find a safe location before using the MQ-27, as it is manually controlled.

2 - XS1 Goliath

Points needed: 900


This scorestreak is a mech suit that’s equipped with an infinite ammo minigun. It would overheat after continuously firing, so you have to fire it in bursts. Zooming in is required, as the minigun is super inaccurate when hip-firing. Once the player equips the suit, they would not be able to use anything else but the minigun – or even alternative movement mode like crouch and prone. It is best to use it where enemies can’t sneak up on you.

3 - Stealth Chopper

Points needed: 1000


This scorestreak would summon an attack helicopter that does not appear on the minimap of your enemies. The thing would then circle around the arena, firing on any enemies in sight. While enemies would not be able to see those on the minimap, they can still be locked on by the SAM turrets.

2 - VTOL

Points needed: 1600

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This scorestreak would call in a super-powerful VTOL Gunship to provide air support on the battlefield. You would be able to control the turret, which is equipped with 2 powerful grenade launchers that can fire explosive ammo down from above. Enemies are marked in red.

1 - Nuclear Bomb

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You would need to get 20 weapons only kills without dying to unlock this. Activate the Nuke would kill all enemies on the map.