Call Of Duty Mobile has finally been released all over the world and is becoming a favorite among gamers worldwide. The game perfectly manages to get the aesthetic idea of AAA titles and still succeeds in giving players the amazing flow which keeps them playing for hours. 

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Call of Duty Mobile is finally available globally

However, in case you’re a skillful PC or console player, some adjustments with the touch screen controls will be necessary. But don’t worry, that’s why you’re here and reading this article. Luckily, the controls of the game are almost similar to other battle royale titles or mobile shooters such as PUBG Mobile with on-screen buttons. There are minor differences in some key aspects, however.

Call Of Duty
Controls are mostly similar to other mobile shooters such as PUBG Mobile, but there are some differences

Even though you may be experienced and proficient with mobile shooters, these tricks and tips will surely come in handy for you to become better at CoD Mobile, from the traditional multiplayer gameplay to the battle royale mode.

Here are a few handy tips to help you get started:

Simple mode versus Advanced mode

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There are two modes in CoD: Simple Mode vs Advanced Mode

Although the Simple Mode looks quite appealing at first, its application and the hip-fire accuracy seems to be weak. This mode allows for automatic fire as long as your gun is pointed at an enemy, however, the firing accuracy isn't reliable. If anything, this feature is a liability, as not only are you very unlikely to be able to kill the enemies with autofire, but it also reveals your position. All-in-all, this mode is not recommended.

By contrast, the Advanced Mode offers a more console-like experience since it provides you with all the essential tools. There are more superior functions like an isolated fire button on the left side of your screen, dual-stick movement, crouch, reload, works, jump, and ADS.

You’re free to utilize hip fire in close situations, however, I believe that it would not be as accurate as your expectation. Thus, I highly recommend you to use aim down sight more frequently.

ADS is especially useful when you’re having an ideal location. You can access it through a button on your screen’s right side and swipe one that side to aim at your targets. On the other hand, though, it can make close-range fights become instantly riskier as you need an extra split-second to go into ADS.

Hence, here comes the following tips:

  1. Select the 1-tap ADS option:

In the control settings, please choose this option if you want to win. To be more clear, this converts your fire button on the right into one that also ADS, therefore making it easier to directly aim and fire at your targets instantly. Although it’s might not be perfect in every situation, this option allows you to move while still firing at enemies, making strafing and other strategies possible.

    2.  Choose the Auto run function

Honestly, the auto run function is very productive in some situations, one of which is when you're using a shotgun. Honestly, running across the map with a shotgun to blast people is one of the best feelings you could have in any CoD games, and the auto run option will make it possible in Call of Duty Mobile. In order to activate the function, just slide your thumb over the running icon located above the joystick. 

    3.   Verticality

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Most players ignore verticality, which helps them easier to target the enemy from a higher view

This is not actually a tip on the control scheme, but right now, the players of the game aren’t taking much advantage of verticality. This simply means moving up to a higher position and then shoot down on enemies. It seems incredibly obvious, so it is almost insane that many players are overlooking it at the moment. I’ve seen there were lots of empty vantages from which you can easily target and take down the enemies. Hence, be alert and conscious of your path, don’t waste time on running pointlessly.