HoYoverse has recently revealed Candace, a new playable character from Sumeru and is slated for update 3.1. Candace has gathered talks for a while before thanks to her appealing and Greek-inspired appearance.

Below are some of the things we have gathered regarding Candace Genshin Impact. Note that the information has not been confirmed by the developers and things may change in the future.

Candace Genshin Impact vision and banner

First, Candace has been confirmed to be a Hydro vision owner. According to some leaks, she may use a Polearm as her weapon and may end up being a 4-star character.

Candace will be playable in version 3.1 which is scheduled to be on September 28th.

Candace Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact Candace is creating frenzies for her cat-like sexy look.

Similar to other characters such as Raiden Shogun, Lisa, and Ningguang, she is also designed in a “tall lady” model. She has different eye colors and has a Greek symbol on her forehead.

The costume that she wears is also more appealing compared to other released characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Candace talents

Currently, Candace’s role in a party is unknown. However, her talents imply that she may fit the position of a Support who uses shields to provide buff and protection.

Candace Elemental Skill

She may have 3 charge levels and can create a shield.

Her shield may also be Hydro and is rumored to be quite similar to that of Beidou, Diona, and Kujou Sara.

Besides, it may denote a different act for tapping and holding the Elemental Skill button.

Elemental Burst

For Elemental Burst, Candace may have a party-wide ATK buff. That’s everything we have known so far about Candace’s skills and talents as of now.

What’s special about Candace lore?

Candace via other characters’ dialogue

In-game storytelling has revealed a detail about Candace’s personality.

“Everyone in the village is very friendly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lost adventurer or an exiled researcher, we’re willing to take you in all the same. …Of course, you must have no malice toward the village. Otherwise, prepare to face the wrath of Candace.

However, If you must go, you’d better find a reliable guide at Aaru Village which is situated on the edge of the desert. The people there are quite friendly. There also seems to be an abandoned medical facility up there which was sealed off by Akademiya.”

A leaker also revealed more deets regarding Candace’s behaviors and relationship with other characters from Sumeru. They said she is cool, graceful, and calm.

“She is cool, calm, collected, gentle, and graceful. She will always help those found in need in/around her village, regardless of who they are, because protecting her village is her life’s work, and she’s content spending the rest of her life doing so.

A playful sense of humor, which she often uses as a comfort to others. In fact, she teases about being able to see the future (unsure if this is an actual ability or just a joke to lighten the mood). A wise and nurturing pillar of the community. Those who pose a threat to said village meet swift, immediate consequences with no chance of mercy. Dehya and Candace are good friends.”

Candace and Dehya are friends

A Candace voiceline has been leaked, revealing her thoughts about Dehya.

“We’ve known each other for some time now, she’s a pretty interesting person. Even though she’s an extremely strong warrior, she never misuses her power against others.”

Dehya Candace Genshin
Candace and Dehya, these two hotties are good friends.

As of late, all we can know about Candace Genshin Impact is through other characters’ story. Here’s another detail about Candace lore snippet via Dehya’s voiceline:

“I once gave Candace some jewelry and told her to learn to enjoy life and find happiness outside of work. She replied that seeing the village in peace was enough to make her happy… Well, this guardian really has a unique way of enjoying life…”

— An exasperated comment from Dehya, the Flame-Mane.

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