Besides many impressive game titles like Rules of Survival, Onmyoji Arena, and Knives Out, the Chinese technology company NetEase has recently released a cartoon-like Battle Royale named Cardboard Clash.

Cardboard Clash accepts players of all ages

According to the press release, the game was launched on February 21 on the App Store and coming to Google Play on February 28. Cardboard Clash is said to have both accurate control strengthened by virtual joysticks and a measurable change for the more distinguished art style. The game publisher promised the game would be “fresh, cute cartoon cardboard”.

The game's mission is to battle against other players with Cartoony Cardboard characters to get the number 1 spot in a group of thirty people. Compared to other battle royale game, Cartoony Cardboard is a 3D colorful world filled with delightful colors.


It is up to you to create your own character in Cardboard Clash

Before entering the game, players can choose and create their own characters with different cardboards and then paint them according to their preferences. There are three options to choose from, a handsome character, an exotic character or a cute character. Since the game provides a great variety of personalized selections for character design, it claims to strongly focus on user-generated content. To make it even more open, many terrains and objects are breakable so players can feel free to explore the map.

Cardboard Clash is more of a 3D top-down shooter. The game also has shorter match time and its pace is faster so players are supposed to move rather than stay at a place.

Your mission is to be the last surviving person on the map

The game is hoped to put an impact on the battle royale world with responsive control, creative art style, and beginner-friendly game mechanics. Now, you can try the game immediately on iOS and Android. It is available in the US and South East Asia for the moment.