Developer Mobirix is now accepting pre-registrations for its upcoming mobile game Castle Defence King. This is a kind of tower defense game for mobile that will be available for both Android and iOS at launch. Check out its trailer below:

Judging from the trailer, this seems like a relatively straightforward tower defense experience in which your main task is to defend your castle walls from waves of incoming enemies that are intent on destroying its foundations. Naturally, you’ll have access to a wide variety of units to help fend off their attacks.

Prior to entering a stage, you'll have the option to reinforce both the walls and the units that you've picked to defend it. These troops include both melee and ranged units, with the latter consisting of archers and magic wielders.

Castle Defence King Ios Android Featured
You'll save several types of units at your disposal

As you can probably imagine, the ranged units will be positioned on top of the castle itself, while melee warriors will fight outside on the field. Reinforcing your tower will also boost the amount of damage your troops can deal to the enemies.

In addition to picking and combining various units, you can also have a more direct impact on the battle by choosing when to use your three spells. If done smartly, this can serve to turn the tides of battle to your favor.

Castle Defence
Use spells at the opportune moments to turn the tide of battle to your favor

The first one of these 3 spells is Repair Magic, which – as its name suggests – fixes your castle walls, restoring any damage your foes have done to it. The second, Magic Bomb, causes an explosion that devastates everything caught inside. And last but not least is the Ice Storm, which hinders the enemies’ advance.

Castle Defence is set to launch next week on the 8th of January with pre-registration already available right now. It will be available on both Google Play and the App Store as a free-to-play game with IAPs.