The Riftbreaker is a product from AXOR Studios, mixing between base-building, survival with ARPG elements. Build your base, gather resources and research new technologies to survive in Galatea 37,  a strange planet at the far corner of the Milky Way. You can watch the trailer of The Riftbreaker below.

Into the game, you will play as captain Ashley S. Nowak, an elite scientist, and commando who controls an advance Mecha-Suit that has the ability to dimensional rift travel. Your mission is to build up a two-way dimensional portal back to Earth to advance the colonization process on the planet. Galatea 37 is a planet from the Sycorax belt of the Milky Way galaxy. While the environment is harsh, there are rare minerals everywhere on this planet along with different kinds of fauna and flora. But, be aware, this world won't let you just take whatever you want.

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Build the base to defend against hordes of creatures

The Mecha-suit, which is called "Mr.Riggs" by Ashley, has the durability to survive the harshest environment and is equipped with the most advanced tools for base construction, resources gathering, and most importantly, killing. An energy blade, a flamethrower, or a minigun, it's your choice.

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Explore the world to get more resources

In order to complete this mission, you will need to collect a lot of energy using refineries, mines, powerplants, and research facilities while defending against hostile native creatures on this planet. While your suit got powerful abilities and weapons to fight, it is not invincible. You will need to build walls, gates, and defensive towers to defend against thousands of creatures every day. Plus, they will allow you to leave your base for some time to explore this new world.

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You are equipped with the best weapon to fight

The Riftbreaker will be coming to Steam for PC sometime in 2020.