It’s been a really long wait for dedicated fans of ChuChu Rocket! to be sure, but now, 20 years after the launch of the original game, a sequel is finally coming. Titled ChuChu Rocket! Universe, this new game will be part of Apple Arcade and thus will become available when the service launches next week on September 19th.

Chuchu Rocket Universe Ios Featured
Chuchu Rocket Universe is coming next week as part of Apple Arcade

If you have not heard of ChuChu Rocket, it was basically a game of cat and mouse, albeit the cats in the game were called KapuKapus and the mice were known as ChuChus. The goal was to place directional arrows on the floor for the ChuChus to follow so that they could avoid the KapuKapus and get to their spaceship safely.

Now, ChuChu Rocket Universe! is more than just a modern-day reskin of its predecessor, as it seeks to expand upon that formula. The puzzles will reportedly be more complex, and there will also be switches and teleports included. This will no doubt open up room for more challenging puzzles.

Additionally, the game is now presented in 3D graphics, and it looks absolutely stunning. There appears to be quite a bit of variety in term of the settings too, from a giant cake to a meteor. The familiar top-down view of the first game does make a return here, but the 3D look undoubtedly gives the entire thing a lot more character. Online multiplayer is supported as well, allowing you to compete against other players to see who can rescue more ChuChus.

Chuchu Rocket Universe
The 3D graphics give the game a lot more character

As mentioned, ChuChu Rocket! Universe will be available next week on September 19th as part of Apple Arcade. For more information about this new subscription service as well as which games will be available on it at launch, check out our previous coverage here.