Developed by Thunder Cat Games and published by Coconut Games, Cluck Night is a multiplayer game for mobile with an isometric perspective that launched for iOS back in December 2019 and is now coming soon to Android as well. Check out the game’s trailer below:

The game takes place on a farm with a team of 4 players controlling a flock of chickens who are trying desperately to escape from their prison. Meanwhile, another player become the fowl herder and must prevent them from doing so.

These are not your average chickens, however. They have previously been abducted by aliens for experiments, and now, upon getting returned to Earth, they bring with them a whole set of special abilities – which is why they were locked up in the first place. They will have to make good use of these abilities and work together to active various switches across the farm to unlock the exit and escape.

Cluck Night Android Gameplay
There are several different chickens to play as, each with its own way of escaping from the pursuer

So basically, Cluck Night is the illegitimate offspring of Dead by Daylight and Chicken Run. There are several chickens to pick from, each with their own way of escaping the hunter. For example, there’s one that can instantly lay an egg to bait the pursuer into tripping over it, buying them time to escape.

On the other hand, the player who becomes the herder will also have an arsenal of different tools at their disposal to capture the chickens. There are also several characters to pick from as well.

Cluck Night Android Featured
The player who becomes the herder also has multiple choices when it comes to which character they want to play as

Cluck Night is currently up for pre-registration on Google Play, though no release date has been confirmed at the moment. Meanwhile, iOS users can already find it available on the App Store as a free-to-play game with IAPs included.