Dead By Daylight has been an amazing asymmetric survival horror game by Behaviour Interactive since its original release. Earlier this month, at E3, the devs announced its upcoming appearance on mobiles.

Recently, we’ve noticed a complete official website for the game. Within the site, there’s the option for players to pre-register Dead By Daylight. By pre-registering for the game, you can have it the moment it comes online on Android and iOS.

Dead By Daylight
Dead By Daylight is coming soon to mobiles.

As a matter of fact, this is a big leap for Behaviour Interactive and Dead By Daylight. After its success on consoles and PC, players and fans will soon be able to experience all the horror and thrilling moments on their own phones. In fact, the devs only made some changes to the UI, enabling smooth gameplay on smaller phone screens.


In case you haven’t tried Dead By Daylight, it’s an epic horror survival multiplayer games that you and four others will share the experience. One player will take on the role of a savage killer, while the rest will play as survivors. The gameplay is simple: The murderer must hunt down the survivors and butcher their corpses. At the same time, the survivors must try their best to escape the killer.

Dead By Daylight
You can either team up with three others and escape the killer or become the murderer yourself and hunt down the survivors.

Famous Survivors & Murderers

However, the special catch of Dead By Daylight is that the game features famous characters from popular movies and TV shows. For survivors, there are familiar names like Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel, and Jake Park. On the other hand, infamous killers include Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, and Ash Williams.

Check out the launch trailer of Dead By Daylight here:

In summary, we should be expecting Dead By Daylight to come out later this year on a global scale. At the moment, feel free to head over the official site of the game for more information and to pre-register for it.