PNIX is known as the developer of previous sport hits such as Archery King, Bowling King, and Mini Golf King and now they are bringing us another game. PNIX has just announced Golf King - World Tour a few days ago to brings players an authentic and competitive full-sized golf experience. Players will get to have real-time 1vs1 matches against other players around the world in beautiful realistic courses with lots of fun and challenges. You can check out the trailer of Golf King - World Tour for more details.

One of the main highlights of Golf King - World Tour is intuitive and simple control based on slingshot mechanics. You will choose the desired destination of your ball on the map, pull back for power, and release when the on-screen arrow is in the center spot for the most accurate hit. It sounds easy enough for anyone to pick up right away. Even for those who are absolute beginners in golf, both on-screen and on the course.

Golf King World Tour 0 21 Screenshot 89d7_wm
Control in the game is super simple. The hard part is about timing.

The game also features a great customizable ability for your characters and equipment. Put on your best suit to show your best look and equip different types of drivers, balls to hit your best shot. You can earn more equipment and outfits through packs to get new ones or upgrade the existing ones as you play the game.

Golf King World Tour 0 46 Screenshot 82f1_wm
The game features hundreds of options to choose from.

Key features:

  • Play against real players from all around the world in 1vs1 duels.
  • Stunning scenery in various realistic gold courses.
  • Freely customize your look, caddie, and clubhouse with hundreds of options.
  • Simple and intuitive control. Just choose your destination, swipe, and release to hit the ball.
  • Open packs to get new equipment and upgrade your existing ones.

Golf King - World Tour is currently available for both Android and iOS for free on the Google Play and App Store.