If you’ve been following Gurugamer, you’ll probably know that we are pretty big fans of Undead Horde from developer 10tons and have covered it on several occasions in the past – including when it hit iOS last month. Now, the game has also made its way over to the Android platform. Check out its mobile trailer below:

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the name, Undead Horde is kind of a hybrid between an ARPG and an RTS in which you’d become a powerful necromancer who can actually jump into battles to strike enemies down with powerful attacks.

However, if you don’t like to get your hands dirty, you can just raise the dead to do the fighting for you. The concept is kind of similar to Overlord or Pikmin where your units will follow you wherever you go and attack anything you order them to.

Undead Horde Gameplay 57f0_wm
Jump into the battle yourself, or let your minions do the dirty work for you

There's randomly-generated loot to discover as well that grants various stat boost to your necromancer and troops. Depending on your playstyle – whether you want to get involved yourself or rely on your minions – you’ll want to equip your character with different stuff.

Aside from this, Undead Horde also features some other RPG elements, such as a skill system that allows you to upgrade the necromancer’s abilities. For instance, you can increase the maximum number of units you can control, giving you a more powerful army.

Undead Horde Items 3848_wm
There are RPG elements here too, such as loot to discover and a skill upgrade system

To celebrate the Android launch, Undead Horde is currently available on the Google Play Store at a discounted price of £4.99 (Rs 460). This offer is only available for a limited amount of time, though, and once the sale period is over it’ll go back to its normal price of £9.99 (Rs 920). As a result, don’t miss your chance to experience this awesome game.

Alternatively, if you own an iOS device, the game is also available on the App Store as well.