Coming from Latersoft, Breakout – Dark Prison is an upcoming ARPG that looks pretty impressive visually. Of course, they say you should never judge a book by its cover, so we can’t say how good the gameplay is until we’ve actually tried it. Thankfully, we will be able to very soon as the game is currently slated for a mid-October release. It is also available for pre-registration right now and you can check out its gameplay preview right below:

A never-before-seen virus has spread all over the world, causing chaos everywhere. For some reason, though, your daughter happens to be immune to the disease caused by this virus and thus she has now been kidnapped by a shady organization known as the Apostles. Of course, it falls to you to rescue her.

By the look of things, the game will offer quite a lot of options for character customization. You’ll be able to adjust many ability points and stats to create a hero that suits your preferred playstyle.

Break Out Dark Prison Plot
Your daughter has been kidnapped, and now it is up to you to rescue her

Once you've created a character, it'll be time to jump into hundreds of Apocalypse-themed maps to explore, battle enemies, and collect loot to craft new equipment. You can also build alliances with various factions in the Dark Prison, which will grant you some benefits. Multiplayer elements are present as well, allowing you to team up with friends and fight other players in the online arena.

Moreover, Breakout – Dark Prison will come with controller support at launch, which is a nice feature to have for a mobile game. While touch-based controls have seen plenty of improvements over the years, it is always good to have another option, especially for a game as input-demanding as this one.

Break Out Dark Prison Controller
Breakout – Dark Prison will come with controller support at launch

Breakout – Dark Prison will hit both Google Play and the App Store in a couple of weeks, though no specific launch date has been confirmed at the moment. If you are interested, though, you can head over to Google Play to pre-register for the game right now.