We first reported on developer Trickster Arts’ unique action RPG Monolisk back in May when it was first announced, and even then we were really impressed by what it had to offer. The art design, for one, looks incredibly slick, utilizing the same visual effects as the classic ARPG Bastion in which the environment would kind of assemble itself piece by piece as you progress through it. Check out the game’s initial trailer below:

In addition to the flashy cover, Monolisk also features some really interesting gameplay mechanics. It is set in a world that has been shattered into many little shards, and each of these ‘Shards’ will function as a level for you to play through. The thing is, you can actually create your own Shards and upload them online for others to try to complete. If your creations receive high ratings from the community, you can earn various rewards too. Imagine it as an unlikely offspring of Mario Maker and Bastion.

Monolisk Screenshot 04 8052
You'll be able to create your own levels to challenge others

Fast forward to just a bit over a week ago, a new gameplay footage was revealed, giving us more insights about what to expect. In case you missed our previous coverage about it, you can check out that gameplay video right below:

Anyway, it seems that the development of Monolisk has been going really well since its initial announcement as several beta tests have been done over the last few months, receiving extremely positive feedback from participants. Now, with all that testing out of the way, Trickster Arts has finally set an official release date for Monolisk: October 15th. In fact, the game is up for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store right now. This is one of those games that shows a lot of potentials and we just can’t wait to actually get our hands on it, so don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates!