Back in December last year, Noodlecake Games – one of the most beloved game developers in Canada – announced the latest addition to its massively popular series Super Stickman Golf, simply titled Golf Blitz.

Golf Blitz Cover
Golf Blitz is an upcoming game from Noodlecake

Not a lot of information was available about the game back then save for a rather wacky teaser, but just the fact that it is a Super Stickman Golf was enough for us to be excited. Then in late January Noodlecake released a beta, and about a month afterward Golf Blitz was soft-launched in certain regions. Then, at the GDC last month, the developer finally showcased a pretty lengthy demo of the game, which looked awesome. So what happens now? Well, Noodlecake has just confirmed that Golf Blitz is going to be launched globally on May 2nd, which is just a bit over a week away. A new trailer is also available, check it out below:

You might be wondering why the game is called Golf Blitz and not Super Stickman Golf 4 and that is a very valid question. Basically, it’s because Golf Blitz is not actually a new entry to the main series. It is only a spinoff that focuses more on multiplayer and also makes a few major tweaks to the traditional formula.

The first thing to mention is that the control scheme has been reworked to make the game more suitable for portrait-oriented play. Golf Blitz now features an intuitive drag-and-release system that allows players to launch shots using just a thumb. Given that you’ll be spending most of your time competing against other players in real time, this is perfect. You won’t want to be fumbling around with the old controls trying to line up the perfect shot.

Golf Blitz
The game is optimized for portrait-oriented play

Moreover, there’s also a TON of items and power-ups for you to unlock and use, alongside an extensive character progression system. With Golf Blitz, Noodlecake aims to build a huge player base, and the studio has also said that it intends to support the game this is a game that it plans to support for many years to come. If the soft-launch is any indication, it is very likely that this hope will come true. Keep your eye out for Golf Blitz when it launches next week, completely for free.