We're celebrating Call of Duty: Mobile second anniversary with the latest update of the game. It brings a whole lot of new content and rewards to players in Season 8. Activision kicks off the celebration with the brand-new Counterattack event, exclusively involving the new Battle Royale map, Blackout.

Here's how to join the Counterattack Event in COD Mobile and unlock all the free rewards.

Counterattack Event In COD Mobile Season 8

This new event of the game can only be completed by playing on the Blackout map in Battle Royale mode. Players have to switch to the ranked Battle Royale matches and interact with multiple NPCs on the map. From there, players proceed to complete the NPCs' unique missions to recruit them.

Cod Mobile Blackout Map 2
There are NPCs around the map, find them, interact, and complete the missions.

The more NPCs players recruit, the higher the chance they have of winning every mission in the event lobby. Also, collecting materials is essential to complete the mission as well. Players can do so by playing the BR matches.

Each completed mission gives a certain number of points. The more points one earns, the better the rewards get in COD Mobile. Additionally, points are also used to rank players on the event leaderboard. If players manage to reach the top 10% of the leaderboard, they will unlock an operator skin.

List Of Rewards In Counterattack Event

Check out the list of rewards you can earn from this new event in Call of Duty Mobile 2nd anniversary:

  • 100 points: Knife- Burnt Ruin
  • 200 points: 2nd Anniversary spray
  • 300 points: Ak-47 Burnt Ruin
  • 500 points: NA-45 Burnt Ruin
  • 700 points: Wingsuit Burnt Ruin
  • 900 points: 2nd Anniversary sticker
  • 1200 points: Cordite Burnt Ruin
  • 1500 points: 2nd Anniversary frame
  • 2000 points: Gas Grenade Burnt Ruin
  • 2500 points: DR-H Burnt Ruin
  • 3000 points: Molotov Cocktail Burnt Ruin
  • 3500 points: 2nd Anniversary Calling Card
  • 4000 points: Backpack Burnt Ruin
  • 4500 points: Locus Burnt Ruin
  • 5500 points: Motorcycle Burnt Ruin
  • 7000 points: SMRS Burnt Ruin
  • 9600 points: MX9 Second Round
Call Of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary Jump
Free rewards are awaiting in the latest COD Mobile event.

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