Season 7 of COD Mobile has gone live not long ago with a lot of new changes. Activision still maintains its approach to balance the game, giving every weapon in the arsenal a chance to shine. Regarding the Marksman rifle class, the SP-R 208 stands out the most in this season.

The SP-R 208 is an all-around sniper rifle in Season 7 of COD Mobile. It's lighter than the bulky MK2 and gives a more consistent performance than the portable Kilo-Bolt. The SP-R 208 doesn't really excel in any aspect, but it makes a great choice for whatever situations you're in.

Spr 208 Cod Mobile
We believe the SP-R-208 to be the most powerful Marksman Rifle in Season 7 of COD Mobile.

With the right  SP-R 208 Gunsmith loadout, you can push the potentials of this weapon even further. Here are our picks for the best attachments for the SP-R 208 Marksman rifle in Season 7 of COD Mobile.

The Criteria

We will explain why we choose the loadout below for the SP-R 208 in COD Mobile. Snipers are high-risk, high-rewards positions in a squad. The main goal of any sniper is to take out an enemy as quickly as possible, preferably with a single headshot. It's because if you miss, you'll give out your location and the opponents may counter-attack.


In order to achieve these, a Marksman rifle should be precise, lightweight, and reliable. The SP-R 208 has potential but requires the right attachments to shine. It already has great mobility, so we want to buff its performance with aim support and more damage.

Best SP-R 208 Gunsmith Loadout

Here is the equipment we choose for the SP-R 208 Gunsmith loadout in Season 7:

Cod Mobile Aether Hunt
The iron sight on this weapon is already very accurate.
  • Barrel - RTC Light Monolithic Suppressor Barrel
  • Stock - YKM Combat Stock
  • Laser - OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition - .300 5 Round Reload
  • Bolt - Light Bolt

This build will keep the weight down to the minimum, allowing better mobility for you to maneuver around the map. The OWC Laser Tactical will give you a better aim while the barrel increases the accuracy as well as hides the gun's noise.

Spr 208 Cod Mobile
Here's another great build for the SP-R-208.

In terms of Perks, we recommend the standard Sniper combo for the SP-R 208 Gunsmith loadout. The Perks you should choose are:

  • Fast Recover - Increase HP recovery rate by 35%.
  • Toughness - Flinch when being shot is reduced by 60%.
  • Dead Silence - Grants silent movement while walking, crouching, or going prone. Sound spread distance becomes shorter while sprinting.

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