We're currently in Season 7 of COD Mobile. And as usual, leaks about the upcoming Season 8 have flooded the Internet as the Test Server went live yesterday. Leakers are suggesting new weapons, scorestreaks, maps, and operator skills. On top of that, COD Mobile may even release a Legendary Gunzo skin that draws inspiration from "The Batman Who Laughs".

There May Be A Legendary Gunzo Skin In COD Mobile Season 8

The next season of COD Mobile will coincide with the game's very own second anniversary. That makes us even more curious about what Activision has been brewing for this massive event. But there's one thing for sure, great content is coming to celebrate this feat.

Gunzo Legendary Leaks
Great things are coming to COD Mobile Season 8.

Yesterday, several leaks from the Test Server suggest that a new Legendary Gunzo skin is coming. Yet, who the hell is Gunzo?

Well, to put it simply, Gunzo is the character that gives nightmares to even grownups. He's a quite rare operator in the game, obtainable from lucky draws exclusively. This character takes on a scary look and resembles the features of a clown of death.

Gunzo Skin
The twisted Gunzo has returned with a new look.

Gunzo's voice lines are just as terrifying, if not more, as his appearance in COD Mobile. Now, we have leaks saying that the next Legendary skin will belong to Gunzo. Fans of the character may rejoice, but others will definitely not enjoy the experience. Regardless, it's still a nice change of pace from the last Legendary Rytec AMR Nautilus skin.

COD Mobile X DC Comics In Season 8?

Multiple sources have been indicating a possible collaboration between COD Mobile and DC Comics. That means we may be getting even more DC-inspired items than just the upcoming Gunzo skin. However, this remains to be seen.

We've seen enough gameplay and leak footage to be 90% sure that The Batman Who Laughs is coming, though. And who's better than Gunzo to takes on his appearance. It's really a match made in heaven.

Gunzo Legendary Feature
Fear The Batman Who Laughs!

If you don't know, The Batman Who Laughs is the brainchild of Scott Snyder. He's the Batman from a parallel universe in DC Comics. The Batman Who Laughs is still Bruce Wayne but turns criminally insane from inhaling Joker's toxic neuro gas. Now, he's leading a legion of other crooked Batmans from the multiverse to invade Gotham in the present day.

We could just smell the vibes of Halloween before it even comes out!

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