Season 7 of COD Mobile is just around the corner. Before Season 6 comes to an end, you should wrap up everything and complete all of the remaining challenges to acquire tons of free rewards. These challenges are limited-time only, meaning once you miss them, you miss them for good.

Cod Mobile Muscle Car
The Muscle Car is really fast, so look for where you going!

There's one particular challenge that many players haven't accomplished. It's the Hiker's Havoc Seasonal Challenge. To complete this challenge, COD Mobile players must travel 2000 meters through a Muscle Car in Battle Royale.

Here's how to complete the Hiker's Havoc Seasonal Challenge in COD Mobile.

What Makes The Challenge So Difficult?

If you don't know, COD Mobile introduced several changes to the Battle Royale mode in Season 6. You can now freely switch between the  FPP and TPP mode, even when driving vehicles. The game also introduced a new vehicle - the Muscle Car.

Cod Mobile Muscle Car Vehicle
Finding the Muscle Car is the hardest part of the challenge.

Most COD Mobile players have trouble finding this vehicle rather than driving it. The game doesn't really have a specific location where the Muscle Car spawns. That's what stops them from completing the Hiker's Havoc Seasonal Challenge.

Season 7 of COD Mobile will start soon.

How To Complete Hiker's Havoc Seasonal Challenge In COD Mobile?

If you know where to look, finding the Muscle Car is really a walk in the park.

Usually, there are multiple vehicles that spawn in and around the Farm, one of the high-tier loot zones. Those vehicles include the Muscle Car. If you're lucky, you may find at least one by the side of the main road. Another way to help you find the Muscle Car is to equip the Airborne class. Take to the sky and look around for vehicles from the top.

Cod Mobile Guns
Landing around Farm may get you a good car.

After getting the vehicle, all that's left to do is to drive it around for 2000 meters.

The number one priority for you is to complete the 2km track. You may not want to engage in fights. The last thing you want is to lose the precious vehicle to your enemies.

Cod Mobile Season 6 The Heat
You have less than one week to complete the challenge. Good luck!

Here's a pro tip. Drive the Muscle Car outside the Zone and go for a little ride outside. You should do this during the first circle so that you won't take that much damage. Also, make sure you bring some medical supplies.

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