Akimbo weapons are weapons that can be held with one hand only. This feature was not available in COD Mobile until just a few months ago. Back in May 2021, Call of Duty: Mobile introduced the Akimbo perk that allows players to use dual weapons.

Having two guns on your hands will definitely bump up the firepower, but you will lose some accuracy. At the time being, there are only two Akimbo weapons in COD Mobile, with one being a pistol - the .50 GS Handgun. A pair of this gun definitely looks way cooler! Here's how you can unlock and equip the .50 GS dual pistols in COD Mobile.

Fennec Akimbo Codm
It's time to go styling on your enemies!

How To Unlock .50 GS Dual Pistols In COD Mobile?

To wield two .50 GS handguns at once, players must first unlock the Akimbo perk. Unlock a Fennec, kill three enemies with it 30 times without dying to complete the mission. Once you complete the task, you will unlock the Akimbo perk as the reward.

At the time of writing, there are two weapons that can use the Akimbo perk in COD Mobile. Your choices are the 50 GS Handgun and the Fennec. The Fennec is unlocked after you land 30 headshots with an SMG.

The Fennec is one of the strongest guns in COD Mobile Season 6. So, acquire it as soon as you can!

Akimbo 50 Gs Class Cod Mobile
Check out this loadout for the Akimbo .50 GS build.

Tips To Unlock Akimbo Perk Fast

If you're new to COD Mobile Multiplayer, it may take a while for you to get the hang of the game. Hence, unlocking dual pistols should not be your primary concern. But when you're ready for the big league, here are some tips to help you unlock the Akimbo perk faster:

  • Queue up for smaller maps like Hijacked and Killhouse. You will run into more enemies, giving you a better chance to complete the mission.
  • Use the Equalizer Operator Skill. These dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors are great for close-quarters combat. You can use Credit Points to unlock the Equalizer Operator Skill from the in-game store. It will set you back 2000 credits but speed things up quite dramatically.
Akimbo Fennec
Completing the missions is easier in close maps.

Briefly, to unlock the Akimbo perk in COD Mobile, you must kill three enemies in a row 30 times. Dying in between won't count!

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