COD Mobile has released a new zombie mode called Undead Siege. Players can enjoy this mode for a limited time as it says on the opening screen. However, COD Mobile has not specified how long this game mode is going to last in Season 6.

COD Mobile is back at it again with the latest zombie mode named Undead Siege. Gamers can only experience this within a limited period of time. Bearing that in mind, it’s a tad confusing how the game has not specified how long the mode is going to last in Season 5. All concerns aside, every player would be eager to know how to complete Daytime Side Mission in COD Mobile Undead Siege and we are here to give you all that.

Cod Mobile Undead Siege
Enjoy the event before it ends!

Features of COD Mobile Undead Siege

The Undead Siege mode features two main levels of difficulty: Casual and Hard. These shared a resemblance with the public and ranked modes in multiplayer. In fact, engaging in the Hard mode will permit you to rank in the global leaderboards.

On another hand, it is relatively challenging to win the Hard mode. You need to survive 5 nights of zombie waves while only having two minutes of daylight to gather supplies. Each wave gets tougher when the last one ends and different kinds of zombies would amplify as the night just gets longer.

Daytime Side Mission Cod Mobile
Free rewards are awaiting.

There is an Undead Siege Battle Pass with 50 free-reward tiers. You have to gain XP by completing tasks to unlock the rewards as well as progressing in the Battle Pass. While the challenges are already available to get done, one of them appears a little confusing.

The players have to complete the Daytime Side Mission which will give them 10000 bonus Battle Pass XP. The weekly challenge will expire after 7 days.

How to complete Daytime Side Mission in COD Mobile Undead Siege

You can choose to play either the Hard or Casual mode so as to complete the Daytime Side Mission. After the second night ends, a mission will showcase on the screen. You can also view the mission on the mini-map.

It comprises multiple side missions and gamers have more than two minutes to get them done.

  • In one of the tasks, the mission is to defeat the Butcher Zombie Bosson the Isolated map’s Farm region.
  • Also, the Daytime Side mission is breaking the Aether Crystal cluster. Destroy this mammoth Aether crystal cluster and protect yourself from zombies.
How to complete Daytime Mission
How to complete Daytime Side Mission in COD Mobile Undead Siege.

The missions sound quite impossible to complete in 2 minutes. But you don’t have to worry as partaking in the mission is already considered complete. Just attempt the tasks and it will reward you the 15000 Battle Pass XP as soon as the match ends.

Because players may sacrifice trying to complete these missions, it is recommended that you get a Quick Revive perk before going head on to the Daytime Side Mission on Undead Siege.

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