There's a newcomer in Call of Duty: Mobile's Seasonal events. Get your hands on the AK117- Rhinestone, one of the free epic items that the game is offering in the current Season 5.

Besides the epic AK117 blueprint, there is also an epic QXR blueprint up for grab! Players can claim it by completing daily challenges in the new Season event. It will be a battle of two factions: Ghosts and Federation. The winner of the territory race after two weeks will also bring home the exclusive event-themed frame.

Ak117 Rhinestone
A new epic skin is now available for free in COD Mobile.

AK117-Rhinestone in COD Mobile

The AK117-Rhinestone skin is another free cosmetic that COD Mobile players can now grind in the new Seasonal event: Rifle Ace. There's also the new Pharo Cut Wave camo if you're interested. As in other Seasonal events, players are expected to complete a series of challenges to earn their rewards.

For free-to-play players, this is an amazing opportunity to acquire epic items that would otherwise cost extra in the shop. The Seasonal events also reward a hefty amount of Battle Pass exp, too. So if you're behind on BP levels, get to playing the events now!

Ak117 Rhinestone Ingame
Check out the new AK117 skin!

The AK117-Rhinestone brings the summer theme to the table. It looks colorful and festive with blue waves and scales that resemble the ocean.

Seasonal Events: Rifle Ace Challenges

Once you have unlocked the CR 56 AMAX blueprint from tier 21 of the current Battle Pass, you will gain access to the Seasonal event: Rifle Ace. From there, it's all about grinding your way towards the AK117-Rhinestone epic skin in COD Mobile. Keep in mind that this item is FREE, so you don't want to miss out on it.

Ak117 Rhinestone Stats
Ak117-Rhinestone Stats

Here's the list of challenges to complete in the Seasonal event: Rifle Ace to unlock AK117-Rhinestone in COD Mobile:

  • Play 3 MP matches
  • Kill 20 enemies with any Assault Rifle
  • Level up the ICR-1 to level 15
  • Kill 20 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with 5 attachments
  • Unlock any Dragon camo for the ICR-1
  • Kill 20 enemies with any ICR-1 equipped with 5 attachments and 2 stickers (only 2 stickers and no other customization should be equipped)
  • Win 5 MP matches with any CR 56 AMAX equipped. This is why you need to unlock the CR 56 blueprint first. It's part of the challenges and is essential for you to win!
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