We're just a few weeks deep into Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile, but Activision has already been brewing something new for the next one! The online public test build servers for the game are back. And as usual, we can't help but wonder what may come to Season 6 of COD Mobile? So, we did some digging, and from the look of it, the devs seem to be introducing two new playable maps to the game. Check out the latest leaks on the COD Mobile test server right here!

Cod Mobile Battle Royale Pink Trees
Two new playable maps may be coming to the next season of COD Mobile!

New Map: Stack (Modern Warfare 2019)

If you're a Modern Warfare veteran, you will recognize the Stack map immediately. This gunfight map has appeared in Modern Warfare 2019, and now, it is making its way to COD Mobile. On the COD Mobile test server, players are playing it in 10 player Domination mode. However, this map is actually designed for 2v2 or 3v3 gunfight matches.

Stack Map
Stack is a very familiar Modern Warfare 2019 map.

The map is very similar to Cage, an original COD Mobile map. There are three lanes separated by a wooden structure in between, where most of the action goes down.

New Map - Monastery (COD Online China)

There's another new map on the COD Mobile test server - Monastery. This is an original map of COD Online, exclusive in China, but as COD Online closes down in China, players are forced to move to COD Mobile instead. And it would be such a waste to just throw a completely playable map away. So, here we are!

Here's some footage on the Monastery map.

As fans of the game, we're certain that you want to have first-hand access to all the new content that is coming to the game in Season 6. The next major update definitely draws a lot of attention. The current test server will close down in under 1 week, just enough for us to get a taste of what to come.

Call Of Duty Nickname Cover Art Min
Let's hope Season 6 of COD Mobile can catch up to the current blast we have with Season 5.

So far, we have seen a lot of new additions and changes on the server. There are new scorestreaks and operator skills, along with new mechanics and some layout changes.

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