The first few minutes in a Battle Royale match can mean the difference between a glorious victory or a tragic defeat. Before you land on the map, you have nothing to fight with, just like any other players. But if they get their hands on some weapons while you're still wandering around, good luck surviving the early game. As you can see, your equipment is everything in this phase and it will greatly impact the rest of the match. So, to increase your chance of winning, choose a high tier loot zone in COD Mobile Battle Royale Mode!

What's a High Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode?

Technically speaking, a high-tier loot zone in COD Mobile is similar to the hot zone in PUBG Mobile or Free Fire. In these locations, you have a higher chance of acquiring better items, including armors, weapons, or consumables. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean there's more loot for everyone, it's just that the loot is of much better quality.

Cod Mobile High Tier Loot
High-tier loot zones increase the chance of you getting better equipment.

Landing down a high tier loot zone in COD Mobile offers a much greater opportunity to equip yourself. You will have access to stronger weapons, armors, attachments, and all sorts of consumables. But they do come with a catch!

As you can see, you may not be the only one who fancies the idea of spoiling themselves with loot. Higher tier items also mean higher threats. Well, of course, the loot won't do anything to you, but other players will.

Cod Mobile Br
You may not be the only one dropping in hot zones.

Hot zones have always been known as the places for early brawls in Battle Royale games. COD Mobile is no exception. So, if you do plan to drop and do COD Mobile kill 5 enemies in high tier loot zone, remember to stay alert all the time! The hunter can always become the hunted here.

Best locations to loot in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode

High-tier loot zones in COD Mobile are high risks, high rewards locations. If you somehow manage to get out of them alive, you will be awarded the equipment you need to win the whole thing. Throw some kills in there for good measures. But in case things don't go your way, well, just call it bad luck. You're always welcome to try again. Honestly, that's how you evolve as a player.

Cod Mobile Battle Royale Pink Trees
High risks, high rewards!

With that said, here's how to find high tier loot zone in COD Mobile.

High-Tier Loot in COD Mobile Locations

If you want to find locations on the map with great loot, look for the places highlighted with orange names. That's all you have to do. When a Battle Royale map starts, open your map and ping any location that has an orange name. Remember to mark it and use the mark as your guide to the location you choose.

These locations change from match to match randomly. Hence, there's no saying for sure where the high-tier loot zone will be in COD Mobile. Choosing where to drop is entirely up to you or the shot-caller in your squad. Ideally, you want to pick somewhere that is near the flight path so you can land and loot as soon as possible.

Cod Mobile High Tier Loot Map
High-tier loot zones are highlighted with orange names.

Remember to be careful, though. Pro players and streamers also love high-tier loot zones.

Helicopter Spawn Locations in COD Mobile Battle Royale Mode

Helicopters are the trademark of the Call of Duty franchise. So, it's no surprise that this aircraft appears in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. But why would you want to ride in a helicopter? Well, the first thing is it's cool to do so. Secondly, the helicopter will take you from A to B without entering the fiery battlegrounds underneath.

Cod Mobile Helicopter
Helicopters will take you places safe and sound.

There are so many ways to abuse the helicopter in COD Mobile. You can use it to rotate and reposition the whole squad for the next round. Maybe taking a chopper to fall loot crates and grab them before anyone else.

In case you want to hunt down these helicopters, here are the locations to look at:

  • Nuketown
  • Farm
  • Docks (2 Choppers)
  • Sakura
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Killhouse
  • Practice Range (2 Choppers)
  • Countdown (2 Choppers)

How to survive High Tier Loot Zone in COD Mobile?

If you can survive high-tier loot zones in COD Mobile every time, there's no doubt that you will rank up super fast. It's on the front page of the "how to tier up fast in COD Mobile" textbook. You will find good loot, secure some kills, and set yourself up nicely for the rest of the match.

Cod Mobile Squad
Stick with your team and move together through the area.

But the key is surviving the first few minutes in the high-tier loot zone first. So, how do you do that? Here are a few tips that may help you:

  • Put Your Headphone/Earbuds On: Listen carefully for the footsteps of approaching enemies. Your phone's speaker may not reveal them.
  • Shotguns Are Kings: In the early game where there's a lot of close combat situations, nothing beats the shotguns. They allow you to one-shot enemies and move on to the next.
  • Use Throwables: We cannot stress enough the importance of throwables in these situations. Use your grenades or smokes strategically.
Vertical Recoil Of Cod Mobile
Have fun gaming!

That's all you need to know about how to locate a high tier loot zone in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. For more information, tips, and tricks regarding COD Mobile, visit our website at

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