Like all other battle royale games, COD Mobile players must survive until the end to be the winner. And one of the inevitable and interesting things that keep fans engaged in this intense title is the diverse kinds of guns.

As a player, you can opt for any gun to be your weapon in the battle-royale section. Light Machine Guns, or LMGs, are among those many choices. LMGs are resourceful weapons that give players an edge with supreme hit damage and a striking fire rate.

In case you are wondering about what is the best LMG in COD Mobile 2021, we would love to give you our detailed assessment.

Cod Mobile Lmgs
Which is the most ideal LMG in COD Mobile?

About LMGs in COD Mobile

Regarding LMGs, the game developers said about changes:

"We aim to strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening their overall capabilities at different ranges."

With those changes, these guns have performed differently since season 4. The devs hoped that the guns will be more appealing to players who have already found LMGs’ playstyle interesting.

Meanwhile, players must still remember that light machine guns are most suitable for close range because of their general substandard accuracy. They must also know that they will get slower as the dark side of these weapons is they can hinder mobility.

Lmgs In Cod Mobile
Developers have been trying to make these weapons more appealing to players.

However, the good thing these LMGs have to offer is the high mag capacity and immense firepower which let users maintain in low-proximity combat longer with no need for reloading.

So what is the best LMG in COD Mobile 2021? Let’s find out with us right now.

Best LMG in COD Mobile Battle Royale

As the number of LMGs in the game is much humbler compared to short machine guns, it is better that we list all COD Mobile LMGs and rank them from the best to the one that needs more improvements.

1. M4LMG

Coming to a common opinion, the M4LMG is so far the best light machine gun available in Call of Duty Mobile. The completely automatic LMG has a solid rate of fire and is extremely accurate. Its best feature is it is the one and only light gun that has higher damage in default settings: 46.

Being a balanced gun that offers raw power, it is equally seamless to control and can perform well on different ranges.

Best LMG in COD Mobile: M4LMG

With this reliable weapon, players will never even make one mistake. The only downside of the gun is its mobility. But it’s something gamers need to expect from light machine guns which are a designedly slow class.

2. S36

Another best LMG rifle in COD mobile is S36. This is truly a significant option for an LMG for its extraordinary. S36’s base damage is 40 which is decent considering its fire rate.


However, it is a shame that it lacks control in long and mid-distance gunfights.

3. Chopper

The next recommended item is the Chopper which owns good control and an impressive fire rate. You can unlock it when reaching a specific level in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Chopper Cod Mobile
The Chopper

The Chopper has standard hit damage of 40 and this comes with a package with its 75 fire rate.

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4. RPD

Next on our list goes the RPD. Also an automatic LMG, it possesses solid damage and amazing accuracy for the light machine gun class. Although its rate of fire is also excellent, this weapon has crippled mobility which can pose a disadvantage to your gameplay.


Overall, RPD is difficult to control. Therefore, players need to alter and have a specific style of playing to see good results in the end.

5. UL736

UL736 is also the best LMG rifle in COD Mobile. The gun has median damage for each hit and an average fire rate. Apart from a good range, it also has basic damage with 40 hit points.

This gun is also a good option for COD Mobile players.

This weapon is pre-unlocked for every player in the multiplayer mode.

6. Holger-26

It is the latest addition to the game and apparently needs more adjustment to be one’s favorite. Although it can be transformed into a G36 AR if quipped with the right mods, you will end up with a gun that has mediocre handling, a humble clip, and a poor TTK.

Holger 26
Holger 26

Just try using the Holger 26 for mid-proximity battles and it will do a passable job. The gun was recently available to grab in the Spurned and Burned seasonal event and how to get Holger 26 in COD Mobile was on-trend when it was first introduced.

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