COD in general and its later version Call of Duty: Mobile feature a nice collection of useful operator skills. The Sparrow in COD is one of them and it’s definitely an item you should pick up. In fact, obtaining this skill is a limited-time thing. However, there is still one method to two for players to get it and put it into their selection.

All things considered, players may need to cobble things together and sprinkle in some effort. Not too much but just enough for one to focus on every single step until it’s said and done. We will break down all you may need to know and how to unlock Sparrow in COD Mobile.

The Sparrow is a powerful skill in Call of Duty and here's a guide on how to get it.

What is Sparrow in COD?

Why is Sparrow a special operator skill in Call of Duty? Let’s walk through this introduction for a quick and overall look.

COD operator skills

If you are not familiar with operator skills in COD, they are unique abilities that can be unlocked by getting kills. As players rack up the number of kills, they will also charge an operator skill.

Moreover, one can pick their operator skills from the loadout screen with other weapons and tactical/lethal equipment such as grenades.

About the Sparrow

Sparrow is a specialist weapon whose first introduction was in COD: Black Ops III. Later, the devs decided to add it in COD: Black Ops 4, COD Online, and COD Mobile. The compound bow fires fulminant bolts which enhance in force the longer time players draw the arrow.

Why is the Sparrow desired like gold dust?

Upon activation, the Sparrow in COD will allow you to fire seven arrows maximum before exhaustion. The arrows appear like red streaks to opponents when fired.

The main factor that will make you want it is the potential for long-range and damage. Kills must be fast because it will not take so long to draw the bowstring back.

As a matter of fact, it hands you a bit advantage of sniping people from a distance without needing to aim sights down via a scope that can conceal your outermost vision. For the unknown, you may get a variant named Sparrow Special Edition via Swords and Stones.

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How to unlock Sparrow in COD Mobile

There are 10 steps players need to complete to be able to unlock the Sparrow operator skill. All missions are spread through different game modes. Some of them can be limited as part of other events in the game.

Sparrow In Cod
Players need to complete tasks to earn the Sparrow operator skill.
  • Kill 10 enemies in a Team Deathmatch in the Standoff map.
  • Eliminate 30 enemies in a Team Deathmatch in the Standoff map.
  • Defeat 50 opponents in a Team Deathmatch in the Standoff map.
  • Eliminate 100 enemies in multiplayer mode.
  • Use Operator Skills twice in multiplayer mode.
  • Utilize Operator Skills four times in multiplayer mode.
  • Kill 6 enemies in multiplayer mode with an Operator Skill.
  • Kill 10 opponents in a battle royale.
  • Play three battle royale fights.
  • Log into Call of Duty for five days in total.

You will receive your rewards upon completion of all the steps given above. You have around ten days to complete all the tasks.

Completing these 10 tasks and you have finished every requirement to unlock the Sparrow.

Cod Mobile Operator Skill
All tasks are spread across various game modes, some of them which are limited-time as part of other in-game events.

How to use Sparrow in COD mobile

With operator skills in Call of Duty Mobile, players can turn close battles into something much easier to deal with. They offer strong tools that can fit various play styles and chosen game modes. Meanwhile, gamers can choose the operator skill they want on the loadout screen.

On the other hand, those who said the arrow and bow are ancient technology may want to reflect on their opinions. Sparrow is among the most recommended operator skill for players who want to hunt their opponents down.

Below are the tips on how to use Sparrow in COD Mobile:

  • Draw your bow longer will boost the range and creates the most powerful blasting arrows. This might be beneficial for aiming at targets that stay far away.
  • Tap the fire button to spread several arrows at once at a shorter distance. Try it out when you want to outlast multiple foes at the same time in a close range.

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