Call of Duty: Mobile offers players a wide range of options when it comes to customizing the gameplay and allowing them to alter diverse settings so that they can better their in-game experience. One of these specs in COD Mobile is the loadout feature where gamers can pre-equip many items like perks, throwables, guns, and operator skills.

Meanwhile, there are lots of operator skills you can utilize in the game. And one of the most favorite ones is Gravity Spikes. Our article will be the guide for you to get Gravity Spikes COD Mobile and why it is preferred by so many players.

Cod Mobile
Gravity Spikes are favored by many players.

1. About Gravity Spikes in COD

The official description for Gravity Spikes COD Mobile  is,

"Jump up and slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to the nearby enemies."

  • Damage: 500-300
  • Used by: Danny "Blackjack”, Donnie "Ruin" Walsh
Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile
Gravity Spikes are exclusively used by Blackjack and Ruin.

It first showed up in Call of Duty: Black Ops III prior to its venture into Call of Duty Mobile as an Operator Skill.

It, in fact, was not a rave back in the day. The most sought-after operator skills were War Machine, Death Machine, Hive, and Purifier. However, in the earlier seasonal update, the developer team opted to nerf Purifier and Death Machine by decreasing their magazine size. That was when Gravity Spikes in COD climbed up the favor rank.

2. How to use Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile

In detail, the Gravity Spikes are especially effective when the foes are nearby. After choosing the operator skill in the game, you will need to use the jump option to make it work. Once you hit the ground, your enemies will have to deal with heavy damage.

Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile 3
This powerful item is popular for a reason.

The Gravity Spikes COD Mobile seems to be a fan favorite for outlasting foes with shockwaves. It sends a set of seismic shockwaves which go deep into the ground. This shockwave will expand and eliminate any player in COD in a radius of 10.8 meters.

And here is a detailed instruction on how to get Gravity Spikes in Call of Duty Mobile.

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3. How to get Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile

There are apparently two most convenient ways to get Gravity Spikes COD Mobile: earning credits to unlock it and obtain it via seasonal events.

Unlock with Credits

Two steps are all that it takes.

Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile 4
How to get Gravity Spikes in Call of Duty Mobile.

Step 1: Earn the Credits

Gravity Spikes in COD Mobile can be bought via credits. Players should not confuse credits with COD points as they are two separate forms of currency in the game. Meanwhile, there are multiple easy methods to gain credits in the shooter.

  • Make sure to check out tabs of the COD Mobile event as challenges will often update. Complete them and you will be able to gain some credits, hence unlock the Gravity Spikes they always desire.
  • You may also watch some Ads within the title to obtain some credits. See the cooldown timer, then just do it again anytime. This is a simple way to gain credits without having to really do something.
  • Another method you can use is the Weekly Tasks that you can do for credits. Of course, this Weekly Challenge tab update every single week.
Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile Credits
Gravity Spikes COD Mobile costs 2000 credits.

Step 2: Unlock the Gravity Spikes in store

And the last step can be said to be the easiest.

  • Access the COD Mobile store.
  • Choose the tab which shows the Operator Skills that can be unlocked.
  • Gravity Spikes need 200 credits to be unlocked. Now, you just click on it and buy this Operator Skill.
  • As soon as you have done all this, be ready to bring your shockwaves to the battleground.

The Seasonal Event Master Operator

COD Mobile releases new events from time to time and lets players collect diverse sets of rewards. Gravity Spikes was available in the seasonal event named Master Operator. Gamers need to utilize the Operator Skill 10 times to get 300 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP.

Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile
Players can regularly check up on seasonal events to get this Operator Skill.

Although this event has expired and the latest one called does not include this item, you can keep track of the newest events by sticking with our Call of Duty updates on We also provide the most useful guides on getting melee weapons, perks, and more.

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