It's time the fugitives face justice in the High Noon Chase Event! The brand new event is now live in COD Mobile. It kicked off on 10th June and will end on 24th June 2021. Activision has tons of great rewards in store for the players.

High Noon Chase Codm Ss4
It's High Noon!

COD Mobile High Noon Chase Event 

In this epic event, players have to collect sheriff stars by playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. There they will find fleeing villains across multiple destinations on the map. The event map has 15 destinations that must go under surveillance. Each destination will require a certain number of sheriff stars to complete, which players can collect by playing Multiplayer or Battle Royale matches.

High Noon Chase Codm
Chase down the villains and claim your rewards!

The more matches you play and win, the more sheriff stars you can obtain. If you want to speed things up even more, play 1v1 duel or other game modes with the Volution set. Completing each destination will reward the player with a random in-game item. Moreover, it also unlocks the next destination to chase the villain in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile High Noon Chase Event Rewards: Epic Tengu Black Gold Operator Skin

Like the Heartbeat Sensor event, This is basically a free event for players to grind. All the requirements to complete the tasks can be collected from either the Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode.

Codm Event Locations
Complete all 15 locations on the map for various rewards.

Of course, the main attraction of the event is the Epic Tengu Black Gold Operator skin. Alongside that, we have the Echo Steam Clock Weapon blueprint. Moreover, items such as Weapon XP cards, Weapons, and vehicles with Wanted Blueprint/Camo are also available.

High Noon Chase Codm Rewards
Check out the items you can claim!

However, as we have said earlier, the Volution Set can boost your Sheriff Stars by up to 50%. But this costume set is only acquirable in the Drillhead Draw. It costs CPs to join, hence, it's not necessary for everyone!

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