Call of Duty Mobile season 4 is full-blown underway and there is a lot of new content for players to check out. One of the innovative developers decided to add in is the limited Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenge event.

It will task you with doing multiple challenges to obtain a Sickle melee weapon. And earning Melee Master Medal COD Mobile is part of those missions. Here’s our guide on how to complete it.

Call Of Duty Melee Master Medal
How to get Call Of Duty Mobile Melee Master Medal.

About Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile

Call of Duty has consistently focused on rewarding users and pleasing them with their attainments however small or big it is. This is mainly why the title boasts its unique features like awards, trophies, and achievements.

Such awards are to evaluate the response time, talents, and other major competencies of a player. The medals also play a role in their advancement and success in the game. Among the 86 attainable medals both for the Battle Royal and Multiplayer modes, such as Bullseye Medal or Brutal Medal, Melee Master Medal COD Mobile BR is currently highly sought-after.

One part of the reasons for this is the start of new events marking COD season 4. These tasks are a series of missions gamers need to accomplish to get various aesthetic prizes, Credits, Battle XP, and more.

Cod Ss4
All roads lead to the ongoing Spurned and Burned-themed event of COD.

As mentioned before, the Seasonal Events include Razor Sharp event which has totally 7 unique tasks that players must complete in order. The goal of these missions is to get the most intriguing reward - the brand-new weapon The Sickle.

You need to earn Melee Master Medal COD Mobile BR once (not the Warfare mode) as one of the conditions to reach triumph. As some players seem stuck here, we have the solution for them.

How to get Melee Master Medal COD Mobile

A simple guide

To earn the Melee Master Medal, you must get 4 kills in one single match with a melee weapon equipped. Keep in mind that you have to do it in a Battle Royale match, not a Warfare or a standard multiplayer fight.

Melee Master Medal
Melee Master medal is not hard to get with some tricks.

As you have got the Melee Master medal, players will tick off their way towards the Razor Sharp Challenge. In particular, this medal will earn you the special Punk Skull spray and managing to do all the challenges will give you the stylish Sickle Melee weapon every COD Mobile player wants.

Quick tips

A quick tip for gamers to get the Melee Master Medal COD Mobile fast is to choose “Classic” from the Battle Royale settings screen. Afterward, pick “Solo” and “FPP” from the screen’s bottom part.

This would put players in a Solos first-person match. Although it may take a while to get accustomed to, doing this is recommended as gamers get a higher opportunity of receiving bots in this less known mode. It would therefore be easier to complete the required four melee kills.

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All Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenges

All players have to do this task during the Razor Sharp event to collect Punk Skull Spray and move on to unlock Sickle in COD Mobile. Now that we have all learned how to get Melee Master Medal COD Mobile MP, here go all the 7 parts of the challenge in sequence.

First part

  • Task: Play three multiplayer matches.
  • Rewards: 1,000 Battle Pass XP and 200 Credits.

Second part

  • Task: Defeat 15 enemies in multiplayer (MP) matches using the Dead Silence perk.
  • Rewards: 2,000 Battle Pass XP and 10 Weapon XP Cards.
Part 2
Completing each part will give players a certain set of rewards.

Third part

  • Task: Outlast 20 enemies in MP matches using the Quick Fix perk.
  • Rewards: 3,000 Battle Pass XP and FHJ-18 – Carrison.

Fourth part

  • Task: Defeat five enemies with melee weapons.
  • Reward: 4,000 Battle Pass XP and S36 – Carrison.

Fifth part

  • Task: Gain the Melee Master Medal once in Battle Royale fights.
  • Rewards: 4,000 Battle Pass XP and Punk Skull spray.
melee master medal cod mobile
Earning Melee Master Medal belongs to part 5 of the sequence.

Sixth part

  • Task: Destroy the same gamer three times in MP matches twice.
  • Rewards: 5,000 Battle Pass XP and Sickle.

Seventh part

  • Task: Collect the Relentless medal once in MP matches.
  • Rewards: 6,000 Battle Pass XP and Moon Mesas calling card.
Part 7
Part 7 for Razor Sharp event.

This seasonal challenge will be available until the current Season four comes to an end. Spurned and Burned is anticipated to finish on 28 June at 7 pm CT.

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