What is operator skills in COD MobileOperator Skills are an important part of the Loadout of every Call of Duty Mobile players. They are powerful weapons and utilities that can change the tide of the battle easily due to their powerful effect.

Operator Skills can be used in Multiplayer matches. They are charged up over time. Players can accelerate the charging speed by killing enemies and completing objectives.

So how to use Operator Skill in COD MobileOnce an Operator Skill in COD Mobile is fully charged, players will be able to activate them by tapping on the Operator Skill icon on the right side of the screen once they are fully charged.

Operator Skills In Cod Mobile
Operator Skills are powerful items that can change the tide of battle

There is a total of 6 Operator Skills in COD Mobile including Purifier, Scythe, War Machine, Tempest, Sparrow, Transform Shield. As you gain experience over time in Call of Duty Mobile and level up your character, you will gradually be able to unlock all of them and give yourself more strategic options.

Below are the details of all the Operator Skills in COD Mobile as well as how you can use them the most effective in Call of Duty Mobile.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Purifier

Unlock at level 3

Purifier Cod Mobile
The purifier is a flamethrower

When you activate this Operator skill, your character will pull out a big Flamethrower. As its name suggests, the weapon will unleash a fire stream to burn the enemy continuously. Enemies who got hit will take both the hit damage and the burn damage over time. With an extreme fire rate, any players who get hit by the Purifier will be taken down in the blink of an eye. The weapon will hit all players in an AOE so it can take down several players at the same time.

The biggest weakness of this weapon is its low range. That means you will stick to close range combats in cramped areas on the map. You would want to go to places where multiple enemies group up to make the best use of this weapon.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Death Machine

Unlocks at Level 15

Death Machine Cod Mobile
Death Machine is a powerful Operator Skill in COD Mobile

The Death Machine is a hand-held machine gun with high damage, a quick fire rate which increases accuracy over time. This is one of the best Operator Skills in COD Mobile and you can get it really early in the game at Level 15. The damage output of this weapon is insane and unlike other weapons, it gains more accuracy when you fire continuously. You easily go face to face with several enemies at the same time without much difficulty. But with the small "boost time" that the weapon needs to be more accurate, you might want to pre-fire before going into a long-range battle.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - War Machine

Unlocks at Level 26

War Machine Cod Mobile
War Machine is an Operator Skill in COD Mobile that launches grenades

The War Machine is a grenade launcher that can fire multiple grenades toward enemies is in quick succession. Any player who gets a direct hit from this weapon will die instantly and players who are inside the explosion radius will lose health as well. The War Machine is an ideal weapon to take down a group of enemies quickly or clear houses and buildings. You can also bounce the grenade off a wall to hit enemies around the corner without having to face them.

Blast Vest is the best counter to the War Machine as it will reduce the damage of grenade significantly. The trajectory of the War Machine isn't a straight line but more than an arc. Which means you will have to aim upward a little bit to hit enemies in long-range

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Tempest

Unlocks at Level 35

Operator Skills In Cod Mobile
Tempest shot an electric bolt that can transmit to other enemies

The Tempest is an electrifying weapon, which shots an electric bolt that kills any enemy touches it. The bolt will then transmit to any enemies nearby and kill them as well until there is no more enemies around. The ability to one-shot one kill makes this weapon great both one on one situations and when fighting against multiple enemies that close together.

But Tempest has a deadly weakness. It has to charge up for a moment before it can actually fire. That means other players can kill you if they are fast enough or you missed your first shot.

When you see a teammate getting shot by a Tempest, get away from them as soon as possible to avoid the effect. When fighting against a player who uses Tempest, it is best to move constantly to avoid the bolt instead of standing still.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Transform Shield

Unlocks at Level 50

Transform Shield Cod Mobile
Transform Shield is usually used as a defensive tool

Unlike other Operator Skills in COD Mobile, Transform Shield is usually used as a defensive tool. When used, it will create a big shield and create a flashlight that will blind enemies for a short duration. This shield can be used to block entrances, flank points, or slow down the path of enemies. It can also be used in the battle when the covers are limited.

Transform Shield is more useful in the hand of experienced players to change the structure of the map and break enemy strategies.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Sparrow

Unlock through events.

operator skills in cod mobile
Sparrow will fire explosive arrows that kill enemies instantly

The Sparrow is a bow that fire explosive arrows. When you tap the fire button it will shot out an arrow forward a short distance. The longer you hold the fire button, the farther and faster the arrow will travel. When the arrow reaches its end and hits something, it will explode and damage players in a  small radius. Players who get hit directly by the arrow will die instantly.

You can fire many arrows quickly when encountering many enemies at once in close-range.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - H.I.V.E

Unlock through events.

operator skills in cod mobile
H.I.V.E will launch traps that attack enemies when they are nearby

H.I.V.E will launch ball traps that can stick in the ground or walls. You can a maximum of 6 traps each activation.

When an enemy comes close to the trap, it will explode ad release bugs to attack them. However, enemies can destroy traps with their guns so you need to hide them in places they don't notice. Also, you can't distinguish between your traps and enemy traps when you see them on the map.

Operator Skills In COD Mobile - Gravity Spikes

Unlock through events.

gravity spike Cod Mobile
Gravity Spike can kill multiple enemies in close range

Gravity Spikes is a special weapon in Call of Duty Mobile that will launch you forward a short distance and kill all enemies nearby. It is easy to use and can kill multiple enemies easily and it the best option in close range fights. But it can only be used in close-range only. This a funniest Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile.

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