Rust, the iconic Modern Warfare map, has finally become a part of Call of Duty Mobile roster in the latest May update. No matter who you are – a pro or first-timer, this guide for Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Tips and Tricks would provide you with the best strategy to take over the town.

1 – Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Tips: Map Overview

Rust is a rather small map, set in an oil processing field in the middle of the desert. At the center of the town is a huge central tower, overlooks a field of shipping containers, fuel, pipes, and other industrial items. The platform on the top of that central tower offers a wide view of the below map – and that’s why it is such a highly valued strategical position. To get to the location, you could either race up the exhaust chute on the south or climb a nearby ladder to reach the top. You are open to enemy fire while doing that – but once you get on top of the platform, it would definitely be worth the trouble.

call of duty mobile rust map release date
Call of Duty Rust Map Release Date: The tower on the middle of the map

To the north is a large pipeline that heads toward an oil derrick - expect a lot of actions in this zone, with sharpshooters using the top of that site a vantage point. The south is a fuel depot along with multiple barricades that's rather similar to the middle zone - CQB would definitely shine here. The east is lower ground with various shipping crates and fuel tanks, along with a road that leads to the middle tower. Lastly, the western side is a straight route that also leads to the tower but without much cover.

2 – Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Tips: Basic strategy

With its tight and snaking design, you can expect a lot of close-range battles on this map. Players armed with SMGs and shotguns can take out careless people instantly as they rush between covers or corners near the site of the tower and the fuel depot. Mid and long-range spots on this map are on the north and west side, along with the top of the central tower.

call of duty mobile rust map guide
Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Guide: The side filled with covers and obstacles, best for CQC combat.

Unless you are sure that the middle area is clear, it is best to avoid moving around the open middle path. It is always the better choice to move around on this map slowly, from cover to cover instead of rushing. The location is small, and with pressure coming constantly from the tower and ground, the more hidden your character is, the better.

cod mobile rust map guide
CoD Mobile Rust Map Guide: Snipe your enemies when they are trying to get on top of the tower

If you managed to get onto the top of the tower, you would be able to take shots at the enemy below with your vantage point advantage. Don’t neglect your defense, however – you should check the tower pathway constantly to fend off enemies climbing it. This can be a great source of kills as well.

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Guide
Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Guide: An Assault Rifle would be a great choice in this map

It's not all about claiming the tower – you can do pretty well camping the tower on the ground, too. A lot of people want that sweet vantage point on top, and in order to get it, they have to be exposed in a short period. Just be careful of the guy who’s already on top of the tower - you can either ignore him completely or camp at one of the spots and wait for the guy to appear.

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3 – Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Tips: Master Tactics

Familiarize yourself with the layout of the middle tower as soon as possible. Once you are able to master it, you would be able to defend yourself from the ground and on top of the tower. There are 3 levels of it: a bottom maze, and 2 platforms above. Each of them would have various weak spots that can be exploited.

An assault rifle loadout in the first matches would be ideal, as it is a versatile option that can perform well at any position. SMG or shotguns are best if you are aiming for a camp in close quarter areas. However, if sniping is your forte, equip a holo sight to your rifle or go all in and bring a sniper rifle.

cod mobile rust map guide
CoD Mobile Rust Map Guide: People often lay ambushes on this spot

Use smokes when you need to get past dangerous areas and save your operator skills for those crucial moments in which you have to get through multiple enemies. Don't waste these tactical items.

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4 – Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Tips: Scorestreak Field Guide

This map is completely out in the open – you can expect a lot of aerial scorestreaks. Hunter Killer drone is probably the best early on – a low-cost attack that you can just fire and forget, especially against campers on the tower. Once you have managed to get a longer streak, high-level stuff like the Stealth Chopper, VTOL, MQ-27 Dragonfire can be pretty good as well. You would have an easier time picking off enemies as they would have to deal with attacks from too many angles.

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Guide
Call of Duty Mobile Rust Map Guide: Assault Rifle is strong on the majority of situations

If you like to play more defensively, the Counter-UAV to scramble the enemy’s mini-map and the SAM turret for anti-air units would be a good choice here. About the Care package or the XS1 Goliath, it is best not to call them here unless you are absolutely sure that the area is safe.

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