Activision is no less open-handed than any other game developer when it comes to giving players free benefits. From guns, camos to operators, and more, Call of Duty Mobile players have had the chance to get plenty of items without a cost.

Recently, another new seasonal challenge called Holger Strike has kicked off with free items as rewards for players who complete all given tasks. One of those rewards is the new Holger 26 gun.

How to get Holger 26 COD Mobile? Here’s a guide you can take on to earn it.

Holger 26 2
See how to get Holger 26 COD Mobile - the latest addition!

About Holger 26 LMG

Holger 26 is the newest add-on in COD’s Light Machine Gun (LMG) weapon slot. The unique proposition has a high range and high fire rate which are pretty useful in mid-range and close combats. Before looking into how to get Holger 26 in COD Mobile, see its full stats here:

  • Damage - 46
  • Range - 60
  • Accuracy - 53
  • Fire Rate - 71
  • Control - 59
  • Mobility - 56
Holger 26
Holger 26 gun

This gun comes in a package with a quality LMG build including a medium ADS speed and 100 capacity magazine. However, with just the right build and special attachments, it can transform into an SMG/AR. The weapon may kick a lot due to the high firepower, but it’s nothing compared to the advantages it brings about.

All in all, Holger 26 is the flawless tonic for players left confused by all the weapon balance changes because its versatility makes it simple to use in different situations.

How to get Holger 26 COD Mobile

Now to get Holger 26 in the Holger Strike event, as well as how to unlock Holger 26 Modern Warfare and Warzone, players need to complete various tasks of killing opponents with specific weapons.

1. How to get Holger 26 COD Mobile in Holger Strike event

This seasonal challenge will be available until COD Mobile season 4 ends, so just make sure to redeem the rewards before this deadline.

Holger Strike Challenge
Along with Holger 26, you will be able to gain other rewards such as Eternal Slumber, M21 EBR – Carrion, and more.

Here is the mission list that needs completing so that you can get the Holger 26 gun that you want:

  • Kill 30 Enemies in any game mode: x1000 Battle Pass XP, x10 Weapon XP Card
  • Defeat 20 Enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with 5 attachments: x1500 Battle Pass XP, Smoke Grenade- Wanted
  • Kill 15 Enemies with headshots using any LMG: x2000 Battle Pass XP, M21 EBR-Carrion
  • Kill 30 Enemies with any LMG equipped with 4 attachments and any magazine: Battle Pass XP, Eternal Slumber
  • Destroy 30 Enemies with any Assualt RIfe with any charm attached: Holger 26, and x3000 Battle Pass XP

Most of these challenges are quite easy and it probably won’t take you over an hour to complete all missions. You’d better use Shock RC for headshots as it will keep you stable to seamlessly land your headshots.

Also, in the customization section, you can change reticles, add stickers, and add charms to your weapon. Learning about the best loadout for Holger 26 LMG in COD Mobile will also help you better secure your winning.

2. How to unlock Holger 26 Modern Warfare & Warzone

How to get the Holger 26 in Warzone and Modern warfare differs from the method for the ongoing seasonal challenge. In Warzone and Modern Warfare, unlocking Holger 26 requires Longshot kills.

Holger 26 Warfare
How to get the Holger 26 in Warzone and Modern Warfare

Players need to earn 2 Longshot Kills with an LMG in 25 separate matches. Although it does not sound that hard, spawn rotations sometimes mean that mounting your weapon for a long while is not an effective strategy.

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About Light Machine Gun in COD & COD Mobile

A Light Machine Gun, aka LMG, is a kind of weapon in the COD series.

It is a hybrid between an Assault Rifle and a Heavy Machine Gun. LMGs have got the similar power and ammo to Heavy ones, but their capacity and damage share similarities with those of a Submachine Gun. In fact, their behavior and performance fluctuate between games.

Lmg Cod Mobile
LMGs are best for medium to long-range fights.

The setbacks of light machine guns are their universally poor handling characteristics. Players who use them usually move much slower due to their weight. Moreover, they spend a long period of time to aim and most of them also take long durations to reload.

To compensate for this drawback, LMGs often have extremely big hip-fire cones by default. It is better to get a backup weapon to call in play if you ever meet disadvantages at close quarters.

Meanwhile, Light Machine Guns are most effective in medium to long-range gunfights thanks to their extended damage output and capacity. They help players easily take out lightly armed foes such as Submachine Gunners and Shotgun users.

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