The legendary AK-47 is a staple weapon in all major shooting games. It deals a ton of damage, offers decent firing speed, but can be challenging to master. In Call of Duty: Mobile, the AK-47 is still arguably one of the best guns you can acquire. With a quick TTK and improved mobility, this AR will shred enemies in close and mid-range.

Ak 47 Skin
Honorable Mention: AK-47 Fata Morgana

If you're an AK-47 main in COD Mobile, you have to check out the top 5 AK-47 skins in COD Mobile right here!

#1 Side Scale

The Side Scale, in our opinion, is the best AK-47 skin in Call of Duty Mobile for a lot of reasons. This rare item can be unlocked in the S3 Featured Event named Desert Sanctuary. Being a rare skin, the chance of getting it is actually higher than epic and legendary quality ones. But don't get us wrong, this skin still brings a good design with flashy golden sand and scaly texture.

Codm Ak47 Skins Side Scale
This skin looks like it's laced with dragon scales.

With this Side Scale skin, the best weapon in COD Mobile deserves a little more attention!

#2 Kuromaku

Finishing at number two in our top 5 AK-47 skins in COD Mobile is the Kuromaku. Players can acquire this skin in the Blade and Blossom Draw. It comes with the following attachments: MIP Light Barrel (Short), OWC Skeleton Stock, OWC Laser – Tactical, Strike Foregrip, and Stippled Grip Tape. However, this is a legendary item, so the chance of winning it is pretty slim.

Ak 47 Kuromaku Cod Mobile
Here's the skin for Japanese players.

#3 Year of Ox

This AK-47 skin actually came out earlier this year in the Lunar New Year Crate. It comes with the following attachments: OWC Ranger, MIP Strike Stock, Sleight of Hand, and Ranger Foregrip. Being an epic skin that released to celebrate Lunar New Year, you know it's great!

Codm Ak47 Skins Year Of Ox
This skin is insanely detailed.

#4 Frostbrand

At number 4, it's the freezing Frostband AK-47. Players can unlock this skin from the Crevasses Crate. This epic skin comes with the following attachments: OWC Marksman, Tactical Scope, MIP Strike Stock, and Tactical Foregrip A.

Frostband Ak47
Bring a frosty look to the battlegrounds.

#5 Copperhead

Concluding our top 5 AK-47 skins is the Copperhead. It features a simple design, with nothing to stand out or flashy. This rare skin is available in the Wild West Crate. However, it will briefly increase your movement speed upon respawning. So that's always helpful.

Ak 47 Copperhead Cod Mobile
Sometimes simple is better!

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