As far as we know, perks are the most important element that affects your play style in Call of Duty: Mobile. Each style has its own unique perk loadout, stressing its strength while minimizing its weaknesses. For stealthy players, the Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile is a must-have. It allows them to move like a breeze and take out enemies before they know it. So, what do you need to know about this amazing perk in the game?

Codm Dead Silence Perk
Dead Silence Perk allows players to move like a breeze.

Let's check out how to unlock the Dead Silence Perk in Call of Duty: Mobile and how to use it to its full potential with the best loadout!

How to get Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile?

For your information, a Perk is a modifier that gives your character in Call of Duty: Mobile new abilities such as suppressed footsteps, increased health recovery, increased sprinting speed, and more. There's a total of 20 Perks in the game. Activision divides them into 3 categories: Red, Green, and Blue. One player can equip a maximum of 3 Perks at a time. Perk Slots will unlock at levels 4, 6, and 12.

Codm Dead Silence Perk Unlock
Players will unlock this tier 3 Perk at level 27.

If you ask: "What is the best Perk in COD Mobile?". Well, there isn't one since there is no fixed play style in the game. Also, the Perks are interdependent, meaning in order for them to work best, you have to pair them with the right combination. And that changes for each and every playstyle you choose.

With that said, let's turn to the Dead Silence Perk.

Dead Silence Perk in COD Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile, Dead Silence is a Tier 3 perk that allows your character to move in silence. It's a favorite pickup for stealthy players, who want to close up to enemies without being noticed. With the ability to hide the noise of their footsteps, Dead Silence was just too powerful.

Dead Silence Perk Codm
It only shortens sound spread distance while sprinting.

In fact, Activision realized how broken it was, and they nerfed it back in December 2020. Now, you can only move silently when walking, crouching, or in a prone position.

When Dead Silence Perk unlock in COD Mobile

The Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile will unlock when players reach level 27. You can equip it in the third slot (Blue).

How to equip Dead Silence Perk in COD Mobile

Follow the steps below to equip the Perk:

Codm Loadout
Always choose the right Perk loadout!
  • #1 Launch COD Mobile on your device.
  • #2 On the default home screen, tap on the loadout option on the bottom left side.
  • #3 Choose the multiplayer option at the top of the left side corner of the screen.
  • #4 Look for the three Perk slots available at the bottom-right corner.
  • #5 Tap on the Blue Perk slot.
  • #6 Choose the Dead Silence Perk and equip it. This can only be done in multiplayer.

How to activate Dead Silence in COD Mobile?

In previous installments of the Call of Duty franchise, players can activate the Dead Silence Pro Perk by getting 50 close-range kills. Once activated, the Pro version of this Perk will negate fall damage, very handy in PvE content. However, that would not be balanced to add into multiplayer mode.

Moreover, there isn't a pro version of the Dead Silence Perk in COD Mobile. Hence, players cannot activate it. The Perk automatically activates once equipped into the Blue Perk slot. And since Season 13's nerf, the Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile only works when players crouch, prone, or walk. It will not hide footstep noises when you're running.

But now, since the Heartbeat Sensor is in the game, it makes things more difficult for the Dead Silence Perk users.

Best Loadout for Dead Silence: Stealth

Stealth is a playstyle where players avoid encounters with enemies. They have to stay under the radar, undetected, sneaky, before they could approach and take out the opponents in one fell swoop. You strike from the shadow, then disappear back into it.

Fast Recover Perk Codm
Fast Recover allows you to retreat better after killing an enemy.

So, in order to execute this playstyle in Call of Duty: Mobile, players need Perks that can hide their presence long enough to close on enemies. So, if you want to remain stealthy in CODM, here are the Perks we recommend:

  • Red: Fast Recover
  • Green: Ghost
  • Blue: Dead Silence

This is the best loadout for stealth in COD Mobile so far. And it works with any type of weapon you carry. These Perks make you vanish since the enemy won't hear you most of the time and they can't spot you when using UAV. Fast Recover allows you to retreat after killing an enemy. If you want to go extreme stealth, just add a suppressor muzzle to your weapon.

Ghost Perk Codm
Ghost helps you stay low.

That's everything you need to know about Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile. Though it's not as powerful as it used to be, this Perk is still great for stealthy players. For more guides on CODM, visit our website at

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