With each new season of Call of Duty, fans are offered an entire treat of new content, typically consisting of a new map, weapon, a new character in new skins.

Back in the 8th season of COD Mobile, Overkill Perk was supposed to get on floors Shrapnel and Quick Fix. However, even after the other two got unleashed, Overkill remained locked until being completely removed.

The perk’s removal has had many questioning whether the developers are entirely getting rid of it, considering how it has been a staple in other CoD games. As they have shed some light on what has happened, let’s see when and how to get Overkill Perk COD Mobile eventually.

Check out how to get Overkill Perk COD Mobile.

About Overkill perk in COD Mobile

Overkill perk belongs to the Red section which is the first and foremost to attain in the title. Let’s take a small while to know more about it before actually diving into how to get the Overkill perk in CoD Mobile.

1. What is Overkill Perk COD Mobile?

Overkill is a Tier Two perk, a Wildcard featured in titles such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War... Besides, it is also an Elite Perk in Call of Duty: Ghosts, a Loadout Option in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, as well as a Tier 1 perk Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Overkill 3
Overkill was supposed to be released at the same time with Quick Fix and Shrapnel.

This red perk lets you carry a bonus primary weapon instead of one secondary weapon. For instance, players can use DLQQ and RUS 19 simultaneously. Overkill Perk was introduced a long time ago yet it has not been released in Call of Duty Mobile.

2. How it functions

With Overkill, the first main weapon decides the character’s movement speed, and appearance. Perks that have an effect on weapons would affect both of the primary weapons a player carries because every perk applies to the player, not the weapons.

Users with Overkill perk utilize M9s in the Last Stand unless they chose a handgun before getting brought down. Although the second weapon can’t equip a camouflage in the original CoD, it is able to have an attachment.

See below for how to unlock Overkill Perk COD Mobile.

Why does “how to get Overkill Perk COD Mobile” so popular? It lets players carry two primary weapons at once. It is an ideal adjustment for those who are accustomed to the playstyle in Free Fire, PUBG Mobile. Having the ability to carry two primary weapons lessens the feeling of strangeness, hence they can catch up with COD Mobile more quickly.

Reminder: A player cannot have two similar weapons at the same time as it is now how the Overkill perk works.

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How to get Overkill Perk COD Mobile

COD Mobile players have been teased with the addition of the Overkill perk for quite some time.

The devs have teased players with the potential release of this perk for quite a while. That’s one of the reasons why “how to unlock Overkill Perk COD Mobile” has become a frequently asked question among the community.

However, although it did appear halfway in COD Mobile, there is, unfortunately, no way to unlock and use it.

There is apparently no way to get Overkill perk at the moment.

COD Mobile has wrapped up its Season 11 and yet we still have to wait until an unknown date and time. The Overkill perk was placed in COD Mobile only for players to look from afar, way back in the 8th season. The anniversary update marks the devs actually had it removed from the shooter.

When will Overkill arrive?

Why did they remove it, one might ask. They do want the Overkill perk to be available, but the balancing needs more work, as they stated. The answer to the quiz of whether the perk will be part of COD Mobile is “eventually”.

Cod Mobile
Let's wait until the official release of this powerful perk.

The devs want it just as much as COD players want it. So now it is only a matter of time. We should just be patient until they get the game balanced and Overkill would not result in any issue.

Meanwhile, COD Mobile constantly adds new content to their game either at the beginning of a season or in the midst of one. We can assume that they got rid of the Overkill perk in order to spare some space for other content while working on the proper balancing.

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