Yesterday, COD Mobile launched a mini update to introduce some new content to the game. There are now two new Seasonal events that players can grind to win free cosmetics as rewards. As per the community, the Pharo Cut Wave camo is one of the best free skins in the game this season. Here's how you too can unlock it for free in COD Mobile.

How to unlock Pharo Cut Wave Camo in COD Mobile

The Pharo belongs to the submachine gun class in COD Mobile. Players have to reach level 36 to unlock this weapon. The Pharo is known for its high burst damage and fire rate. However, this weapon has fallen out of the current meta, with other SMGs being too good at the moment. ARs are also super strong right now with the AS-VAL overshadowing everything else. Maybe the new free cosmetic could bring it back?

Pharo Cut Wave Camo Ingame
The Pharo receives a brand new camo.

In order to unlock the Pharo Cut Wave camo in COD Mobile, you have to complete a series of challenges called Board of Honor challenge under Seasonal Events. As soon as you complete all the seven tasks in this challenge, you will receive a free Pharo Cut Wave camo.

Board of Honor Challenge in COD Mobile Seasonal Events

As in previous Seasonal events, the "Board of Honor" challenge consists of pretty much basic and simple tasks. Most players can easily complete all the requirements just for playing the game normally.

Pharo Cut Wave Camo
Check out the stats of COD Mobile Pharo!

The list of tasks in Board of Honor Challenge to unlock the Pharo are listed down below:

  1. Play three BR ranked matches
  2. Kill 15 enemies in BR ranked matches
  3. Kill 15 enemies with any SMGs in BR ranked matches
  4. Earn the Damage Dealer Medal twice in BR ranked matches
  5. Earn a place in the top three in BR ranked matches twice
  6. Kill three enemies with headshots in BR ranked matches
  7. Win one BR ranked match

Upon completing all of the tasks above, players will unlock the Pharo Cut Wave camo in COD Mobile along with 5000 Battle Pass XP.

Call Of Duty Nickname Cover Art Min
Complete COD Mobile Seasonal events for even more rewards.

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