Call of Duty Mobile has been doing pretty well in the shooter genre for a while now, with both the battle royale and multiplayer mode. The BR mode of COD Mobile is a lot different compared to MP, featuring a special class system.

In this article, we are going to find out which is the best class in COD Mobile battle royale by listing out the 5 most powerful ones.

5 - Poltergeist

The Poltergeist is probably the easiest class to play in Call of Duty Mobile BR. They use a cloaking device to sneak around and ambush opponents. Whenever you need to reposition for an attack or dodge an incoming threat, the Active Camo can provide near invisibility. Furthermore, the Poltergeist's Voidwalker passive also increases running and walking speed while cloaked, letting you make the most of the stealth to move around.

The Poltergeist
The Poltergeist does not have complete invisibility - you can still see them at very close range

The role of the Poltergeist in a squad is to scout, flank and create chaos amongst the enemy's lines. Just be careful, as firing just a single shot would de-cloak your character. Don't be overconfident when using this ability as sometimes players would still be able to detect your presence.

4 - Medic

Overall, the Medic is probably the most underrated class in COD BR. Players refrain from using this class because it revolves around team play - you need an actual team to be effective. However, if you do have a team, the Medic provides the whole squad with quick revivals and health regeneration.

By having a medic in the team, everyone could save their medicines for later fights - having full HP in every engagement is actually a big advantage that people often overlook.

Call Of Duty Mobile Classes The Medic
Just be careful, as enemies can see the green aura.

The only drawback of the Medic class is that the radius of the healing skill could be seen from afar. Players should use it when in cover... like inside buildings, for example. The passive lets you help teammates up faster but is actually useless when you yourself get downed.

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3 - Trap Master

Trap Master is considered one of the trickiest classes to play against in COD Mobile. They can place an electric tripwire that damage and slow passing enemies, which is a dream for all campers. Just place the tripwire on a choke point and duck inside a corner - enemies would think twice before assaulting your location.

Electric Tripwire
Electric Tripwire of Trapmaster

The second perk of Trap Master increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of your whole team. Both are useful attributes, with the first part being super versatile and the second part being useful for boosting Trickster, Ninja, Defender, Smoke Bomber, or Poltergeist. This is the best class in COD Mobile battle royale for snipers.

2 - Defender

The Defender class has one of the most useful skills in any shooter game: the ability to create a barrier. When deployed, the Transform Shield will emit a blinding flash that will stun all enemies in front of the shield. It also blocks all bullets fired at it.

The Defender requires a good sense of positioning - you need to pick a good location to place your shield to prevent enemies from flanking. The flash from shield deployment works pretty well in melee combat. It temporarily disables enemies so that you can finish them off.

The Defender is the best class in COD mobile battle royale if you want to play defensively.

The Defender's secondary passive is somewhat overpowered. It reduces the damage the user incurs from all sources except gunfire by 25%. You will get a lot more effective HP against explosions.

1 - Ninja

Being one of the earliest created classes in the game, the Ninja remains the best class in COD Mobile battle royale due to its unparalleled mobility. Players can easily get on top of building or escape from tight situations with the Ninja's Grappling hook ability.

Ninja COD Mobile
The Ninja in COD Mobile is no doubt the best class for BR.

There are just too many uses for this skill, from offensive to defensive... and any build could use the extra mobility that the hook offers. Players can even get to vantage points that can't be reached normally (like the top of the two towers at Launch Base, for example), in order to snipe enemies.

Ninja Cod Mobile
Get to the high ground with the grappling hook.

The passive, Dead Silence lets players move around without making any sound. It also removes the footstep markers on the minimap. Overall, this increases your ability to sneak around and surprise enemies with flanking maneuvers. This is extremely important in the high skill bracket in which players use headphones and listen to footsteps.

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