Assault Rifles or AR has always been the best gun class in all shooter games... and Call of Duty Mobile is not an exception. Some ARs have high damage and high fire rate, while others possess great control and stability. They should be a beginner's first choice while playing COD, in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best AR in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5.

5 - Man-O'-War

The Man-O'-War is unlockable at level 52.


This gun is more of a burst fire type than full auto, with high damage, low fire rate and good ranges. Its weaknesses are probably its bouncy recoil and the smallest magazine size amongst all ARs. Comparing to its closest rival, the ASM-10, the Man-O'-War also lacks agility. Overall, the small magazine does not matter, as Man-O'-War users usually rely on its 3-shot-kill potential, which is super high in medium ranges.

Man O War In Cod Mobile
Man-O'-War is a high level weapon in COD Mobile.

Battle Royale

The Man-O'-War can deal heavy damage at close range. However, its low rate of fire might be a problem for inexperienced players. The low recoil makes it deadly at long range. The Man-O'-War can be found as Epic blueprints on the floor nad Custom Blueprints in Airdrops.

The stats of the Man-O'-War
The stats of the Man-O'-War is fairly high.

4 - ASM-10

The ASM-10 unlocks at level 29. It is the AN-94 with a different name. Similar to the Man-O'-War, the ASM-10 gets a huge accuracy boost in the first 3 shots.


Overall, the ASM-10 is a great close range AR in this mode. You can clutch out 3-shot kills with its moderate recoil and fire rate. However, same as the Man-O'-War, the gun suffers from lack of mobility and low reload speed.

The ASM-10 has a crucial weakness of low mobility.

With the right set of attachments, the ASM-10 can be super deadly at long range, as it has a very low ADS spread. The gun mainly shakes from side to side due to the horizontal kick.

Battle Royale

The ASM-10 is a very good medium-long range weapon in BR. It has great 3 shots efficiency but from the 4th shot forwards, the recoil will kick in much harder. It can be found as uncommon and epic blueprints.

The ASM-10 has really good skins.

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3 - AK-47

The legendary AK-47 can be unlocked at level 18.


The AK-47 is a great mid to long-range AR. Its damage does not drop until the 30-meter mark - this allows you to do 4-shot kill up until 31m. However, the AK has mediocre ADS speed and high recoil, which is a huge weakness at long-range duels.

The legendary AK-47 is just as strong in CoD Mobile.

Battle Royale

In BR mode, the AK-47 features high damage with little drop-off at range, and decent hip-firing spread. This allows it to surpass quite a few other ARs at mid to long-range fights. The low rate of fire and high recoil mean only experienced players would be able to control this gun.

AK-47 has crazy damage.

This gun is available as Rare and Legendary blueprints, with the latter can only be found in Airdrops. It is the best gun in COD Season 5 BR.

2 - BK57

The BK57 can be unlocked upon reaching level 34.


The BK57 is a hidden gem that a lot of players ignore. It has good damage, high fire rate and a bigger magazine than most ARs. The recoil is fairly easy to control, as long as you can deal with the horizontal recoil at long range.

Though BK57 is often underrated, it's actually one of the best AR in COD Mobile.

Battle Royale

Its performance is more or less identical to multiplayer. A Legendary blueprint of the BK57 can be found after popping the balloons in Sakura. The drop rate is super low, however.

BK57 can work pretty well with a suppressor.

1 - AS VAL

The AS VAL can be unlocked after players achieve 30 Headshot kills with an Assault Rifle. It is the best AR in Call of Duty Mobile to date.


In multiplayer, the AS VAL is slightly weaker compared to its peer at long range due to its low projectile speed. However, its exceptional fire rate more than made up for that - enabling the AS VAL to shine at close and medium range fights. Just be careful at long range auto, as the AS VAL would pretty much fly upwards. The performance in close range fights brings it to the top of this list.

AS VAL's fire rate makes it very easy to use.

You can change its fire mode to semi-automatic with the 15 Round FMJ attachment. This would give the AS VAL the ability to do 3 shot kills... but you need to be very accurate.

Battle Royale

The AS VAL is not as good at long range battles as other weapons. You need decent aim to control it in long range fights. It can be found as rare or epic variant on the floor. The legendary variant can be found in airdrops or high-tier areas.

This is the end of our list for the top 5 best AR in COD Mobile. Interested in more of our articles related to Call of Duty Mobile? Please check out this post to find out more about BGMI Vs CoD Mobile: Which Game Has The Better Maps And Modes?.