Sniping is the most exciting part of any online Shooter game, and COD Mobile is not an exception. In Battle Royales mode, engagements more often than not would happen at medium to long-range. While an Assault Rifle is useful in most situations, it can’t really beat the reliability of a Sniper Rifle.

In this guide, we would list out the top 5 sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile 2021 that all pros are using in tournaments.

Top 5 sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile

5 - DL Q33

The DLQ 33 takes the 5th spot on this list due to its nigh-uncontrollable recoil. While its damage is decent and players can kill enemies with just one shot, they would have a problem if that shot miss.

DL Q33
DL Q33 in COD Mobile

Overall, it is best to use the DL Q33 in BR mode of COD Mobile as a camping weapon. In the bigger map of the BR mode, the margin for mistakes is much higher - you can just retreat if your shot misses. In MP, players can use the DL Q33 as a hipfire no-scope Shotgun.

4 - Outlaw

The Outlaw is usually considered a direct update of the DL Q33, with better stability and lower recoil... However, its range is a problem and because of that, the Outlaw lags behind a bit comparing to the top 3 weapons on this list.

Outlaw in COD Mobile

Its usage is about the same way as the DL Q33, exchanging effective range for higher accuracy when firing. This makes the Outlaw a better choice for MP modes.

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3 - M21 EBR

The M21 EBR's greatest strength is its low recoil. It is remarkably easier to hit more than one shot now comparing to the previous 2 guns. In BR mode, the M21 EBR can be used in normal combat to either start a fight or finish a faraway enemy.

M21 EBR in COD Mobile

The lower damage makes it tough to actually one-shot kill an enemy - you need to score a headshot for that to happen.

2 - Arctic .50

The Arctic .50 is a super popular sniper rifle and it is always in everyone's top 3. High damage and decent control make the Arctic very easy to use - you only need a few suitable attachments to fully maximize its potential.

Arctic .50
Arctic 50 in COD Mobile

Furthermore, the Arctic 50 has great penetration power - players can even kill enemies through some walls or getting two kills with one bullet. Try to get this weapon in both BR and MP mode.

1 - Locus

The Locus is the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. Overall, it is super overpowered, with top-notch stability, control, and a high damage stat - it is almost as strong as a scorestreak weapon. While you can consider the fire rare of the Locus a weakness... it can be easily fixed with just a bit of aim adjustment. The Locus is perfect for Quickscope as well.

Locus in COD Mobile

This is the end of our guide for the best Sniper Rifles In Call Of Duty Mobile. Interested in more of Gurugamer's articles related to Call of Duty Mobile?  Please check out this post for a complete guide on how to customize COD weapons using Gunsmith.