Call of Duty Mobile is Activision's first-ever attempt at the booming mobile market. And as expected, the world-renowned franchise's moving to the portable platform was a huge hit in the gaming world. The game gets bigger and bigger every day, leading to an also-thriving competitive scene. Don't believe us? Check out the Call of Duty Mobile Tournament 2021 here!

About Call Of Duty Mobile Tournament 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile came out in 2019, and it was not long before the game opened its first inaugural Esports tournament. Last year, CODM launched its flagship World Championship, presented by Sony. The tournament featured a massive prize pool of up to $1 million.

Codm World Championship 2020 Format
Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Format

However, the plan for the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 met COVID-19. As you would expect, it got canceled! Though teams fought hard in the qualifiers and regional playoffs, they could not join the Grand Finals.

The tournament officials canceled Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Finals, due to rising COVID-19 concerns in December.

Codm World Championship 2020 Banner
Sadly, the event Finals were canceled

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In the previous years' qualifiers, CODM teams had to finish 3 rounds before making it into the regional playoffs. There were 8 regions in total participating in the World Championship. The winners of these regions will qualify for the Finals.

However, since last year's Finals were withheld due to COVID-19, the prize pool was distributed to the 7 teams qualified for the event.


Regional winners:

  • Japan Regional Playoffs: Rejection
  • LATAM Regional Playoffs: Influence Rage
  • North American Regional Playoffs: Tribe Gaming
  • Western Europe Regional Playoffs: Kings Clan
  • South Korea Regional Playoffs: T1
  • Garena Regional Playoffs: NRX JEREMIAH 29:11
  • Other Regional Playoffs: Team Mayhem
Codm World Championship 2020
CODM World Championship 2020 Results

But now, in 2021, Activision confirms that it will re-launch Esports events for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Esports Tournaments in 2021

Though the developers of CODM haven't been really active in sharing further information about the game's upcoming Esports tournaments, the prospects seem great! Recently, Activision dropped a teaser, confirming new events in 2021.

Fans of the game could not be more thrilled seeing their favorite BR title finally got back on track. However, the CODM World Championship is not the only Call of Duty Mobile Tournament 2021There are numerous other titles, of course on smaller scales, for aspiring teams to hone their skills before the big league.

As listed on Toornament, a listing site for Esports events, we currently have three CODM tournaments open for registration. They are:

  • Solo Tournament (Mexico)
  • 50$ Solo Cup (Europe)
  • CODM Warfare Cup (Online)

And if you're looking for a more competitive, high-leveled tournament, check out the Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esport Challenge.

Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esport Challenge

The Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esport Challenge is held by Reliance Jio and Qualcomm Snapdragon on the JioGames platform. This tournament requires no entry fee and includes Solo and 5V5 team formats. Teams will compete online for the prize pool of Rs 25 lakhs.

Cod Mobile Update
Join the tournament now

“The collaboration between the two is set to bring superior gaming experiences to the gaming enthusiasts across India through multiple contests that will be organized by JioGames on the JioGames Esports platform with QCTAP as a title sponsor.", Jio said in a press release

Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esport Challenge Tournament Information 

Here's what you need to know about this upcoming CODM tournament.


  • Solo Format Registration: Ends on April 11th, 2021 at 9 PM IST
  • 5V5 Team Format Registration: Ends on April 30th, 2021 at 9 PM IST
  • Qualifiers Round: June 11, 2021
  • Grand Finals: June 20th, 2021

Prize Pool

Solo Aces Prize Pool

  • 1st Place Daily Qualifier: Rs 2,000
  • 2nd Place Daily Qualifier: Rs 1,000
  • 1st Place Solo Final: Rs 25,000
  • 2nd Place Solo Final: Rs 15,000
  • 3rd Place Solo Final: Rs 12,000
  • 4th Place Solo Final: Rs 8,000
Codm Game
You can play in Solo or Squad mode

5V5 Team Ranking Prize Pool

  • Grand Finals Winner: Rs 6,50,000
  • 2nd Place Grand Finals: Rs 4,25,000
  • 3rd Place Grand Finals: Rs 2,75,000
  • 4th Place Grand Finals: Rs 1,50,000
  • All-Star Aces 1st Place: Rs 2,00,000
  • 2nd Place: Rs 1,00,000
  • 3rd Place: Rs 60,000
  • 4th Place: Rs 40,000

Online Tournament Rules

  • All participants must update the game client to the latest version.
  • Players must provide their Internet access and Gamer Tags to participate in the event.
  • Only lobbies hosted by tournament officials are acceptable.
  • In the case of a tie, there will be a re-match before moving to the next stage.
Codm World Championship 2021 1
It's time to continue the tradition

Catch the entire tournament on JioTV, Esports HD channel, Facebook Watch, and JioGames YouTube. Here’s how to participate in COD Mobile tournament (Aces Esport Challenge).

How to Register for Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esports Challenge

This tournament is free to join for all players. However, participants with higher skills (rank or professional records) will be prioritized to maintain the quality of the tournament. If you feel like you have what it takes, follow the steps below to join the battle.

How to Sign Up for COD Mobile Tournament Aces Esports:

  • #1 Visit the official Jio games website at the link here.
  • #2 On this page, choose Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esport Challenge. Click the green Join button to proceed.
  • #3 Enter your Game ID and In-game name (required for Solo Aces).
  • #4 Complete the registration form with precise information, such as Game ID, email ID, name, and more.
  • #5 Submit the form and wait for the response.
Cod Mobile
Gather your squad now!

That's everything you need to know about Call of Duty Mobile Tournament 2021. It's a warming change to see such a popular game finally making a move in the Esports scene. If you are excited about CODM, visit our website at

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